It’s time to squeal

Here at the Whaleoil we?re sick of seeing porkies.  Some people have just spent so much time in the sty that the muck follows them wherever they go.  Nasty comments, fresh from the swill.  We want to call them out on it, squeal on them, if you will. 

So here?s a competition to whet the appetite.

The prize is a Whale Meat Company pack of delicious non-halal pork.

VALUE: $115.00 NZD

Here?s what you need to do:

1. Get on the interweb (Facebook, Stuff, Twitter, blogs)

2. Find nasty vitriolic comments that you know would NEVER be accepted here.  Something that would bring down the ban hammer. **We do not want to target comments from people with different opinions to us. We want to hold up a mirror to the media who are on a Witch hunt against conservatives. They need to clean up and moderate their own comment sections before daring to point the finger at the commenters on a well moderated site like Whaleoil.

We are interested in comments like this one found on a NZ Herald facebook page only this week.

3. Screen shot the comment

4. Screen shot that you reported the comment ie the page or box that says “thank you for reporting that comment. We will act accordingly” (or whatever).

5. Place the pictures in the comments section below.