I?ve had enough?have you?

Labour and their coalition partners are forcing a raft of ideological changes on us all with little or no consultation. From the oil and gas captain?s call to houses promised but not built, to signing the UN migration pact, to introducing a fuel tax, to ideological changes to school governance and the abolition of charter schools and then there is the capital gains tax.

It?s no surprise that the Left is now using a tragedy to fast-track further ideological changes in New Zealand.

The threat to free speech is very real. Now there is the rushed firearms legislation and the campaign for a hate speech law.

One thing we know for sure is that there is more to come. It?s easy to feel powerless in the face of the Labour coalition?s ideological bulldozer.
I?ve had enough of this Labour coalition. We can?t let the government get away with irreparably changing the fabric of the country we love.
It is time for us all to act before it is too late.

Join me in my protest next Wednesday, 3 April. At 5pm sound your car horn for 30 seconds.

Labour?s coalition government doesn?t listen to views different from their own but maybe, if you join with me, they will hear us.

Can you join in? Yes, you can. Can you help spread the message? Let?s do this.

You can help, you can do something.



Send your friends an email. Together we can succeed.
Wednesday, 3 April, 5pm: Sound off for Free Speech!

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