JT comes out fighting

Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere (JT) has dealt Mayor Phil Goff some punishing political blows.

BAM! He labelled him a puppet of central government.

“What’s worse, is he’s trying to fool us by saying he’s independent, even though Labour has endorsed his mayoral campaign,”
[…] I’m putting Auckland first. I’m independent and I won’t be a puppet.”

John Tamihere

POW! He said that Auckland Transport have sham consultation processes and their policies create, rather than ease congestion.

“Why hasn’t Phil pushed back against the plan to slow the entire city down by making 700 kilometres of our roads only 30km/hour? Even the Automobile Association says this will create even more congestion.”

ZAP! He criticised council spending and debt levels and pointed out a number of huge cost blowouts in infrastructure projects.

BAM! he finished off with punishing upper cut when he said quote.

“And Phil’s the only mayor in New Zealand that has imposed new petrol taxes on his own people.”

A newspaper end quote.

Let’s face it, the petrol tax is the killer blow. I don’t know how any mayor could survive imposing a petrol tax. I still don’t understand how he was allowed to do it. Since when has local government had power over fuel or the legal ability to tax it? He deserves to be punished for it, and any future mayor that promises to remove it will get my vote.