Just what is “eco-fascism”?

Caption: A common visual trope of eco-fascism is nature scenes combined with the “?” rune.

As we struggle to come to grips with the enormity of the Christchurch massacre, a key question is why? The conclusions people are jumping to at the moment seem to mostly reflect their own prejudices rather than any sincere attempt to understand motive. The legacy media, like most of the left in general, swiftly decided that it was right-wing ?Islamophobia?. The right angrily insist that the killer is really a communist. Some even claim that the attack was a ?false flag?.

[ redacted by NZ censor] ?eco-fascist?. While this phrase seems to have mystified most of the legacy media, it?s not that new. More importantly, it tells us a lot ? and rings alarm bells for those who care to pay attention. Quote:

Eco-fascists believe that living in the original regions a race is meant to have originated in and shunning multiculturalism is the only way to save the planet they prioritise above all else.

Although eco-fascism can manifest in different ways (just like any umbrella ideology), there are consistent sets of beliefs that crop up among eco-fascists. They include veganism, anti-multiculturalism, white nationalism, anti-single use plastic, anti-Semitism, and, almost always, a passionate interest in Norse mythology. End of quote.

New Zealanders have become grimly familiar with some of these beliefs. They?ve heard some of them straight from the Christchurch terrorist?s manifesto. But they?ve also heard some of them from the very people who are using the horror of Christchurch to demonise the right in general.

Many people have pointed out the confluence between modern ecological ideology, and the nature-veneration of the Nazis. Mainstream ecological activists angrily reject the comparison, and not unfairly. Just because Nazis were ecologists, does not mean all ecologists are Nazis. To argue that they are is a failure of basic logic.

But that doesn?t mean that there?s no confluence at all. No one is more aware of that than eco-fascists themselves. They point out that ?the Third Reich was one of the earliest governments to make conservationism a major focus?, and ?It was Nazi Germany that was environmentally aware not Soviet Russia?.

It was many years ago now that I first heard someone draw attention to the way the far left and the far right seemed to find common ground in environmentalism: ?it?s where the hippies? sandals meet the skinheads? boots?n?braces?. This explains the killer?s admiration for China: not because he is a communist, but because China is a fascist state which forces its citizens to obey its directives. Many mainstream ecologists, especially climate change activists, have also openly expressed admiration and yearning for China: ?because they can get things done. Democracy gets in the way?.

Many climate change activists share eco-fascism?s alarming Malthusian misanthropy. It?s almost impossible to have a discussion on climate change without hearing that ?the real problem is overpopulation?. Quote:

In the words of Pentti Linkola ?The worst enemy of life is too much life: the excess of human life.?? Linkola, a Finnish ecologist, blames overpopulation for environmental degradation and is sceptical about democracy. End of quote.

Linkola is not a fringe-right white supremacist: he?s in the mainstream of ecological activism. His views are echoed by many in the climate change movement. Many years ago, I had a discussion with an activist who argued that the human population must be reduced to 2 billion within the next 50 years, to save the Earth. I did some back of the envelope calculations and showed that, to achieve his goal, not only must all childbirth cease immediately, around 80 million people would have to be murdered, every year.

He was unmoved. Quote:

Many active online communities?don?t have any idea what the solution to their problems should be. Eco-fascism does not have that problem, but the solutions that extend from its ideological routes are chilling.

?If we keep on going like we are we will swallow all resources and seize all uninhabited land to make room for us,? Dan says. ?The diminishing of the world population is the only thing that would guarantee the survival of our earth.? End of quote.


As the media and the left (the Greens in particular) screech blame at the right for the crime committed in Christchurch, a little soul-searching of their own might be in order. While the Greens may not share the killer?s odious white supremacy (although they often substitute it for a mirror-image white inferiority), his genocidal malthusianism is mainstream Green ideology.