Labor wants to bring back theocracy in Australia

Caption: “Blasphemy? You better believe that’s a lashin’!”

The political left were at the forefront of the free speech movement. Not any more. The left appear to have realised that free speech can be used to criticise them and their pet victim groups every bit as much as they once demanded they could do to everyone else. The political left are actively leading the movement to plunge the Western world back into darkness; where dissent is criminalised. Worst of all is their apparent determination to revive blasphemy as a criminal offence.

The Anglican church has an official policy of opposing blasphemy laws, holding that everyone must be free to criticise them if they choose. Certain other religions are not quite so open to criticism. Quote:

Moves within the Labor Party to extend the reach of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to cover religion have triggered fears a government led by Bill Shorten would establish an anti-blasphemy law to prevent people offending and insulting Islam. End of quote.

No surprises in seeing who moved this dangerous proposal. Anne Aly, the Literature/Acting graduate who claims to be a ?de-radicalisation expert?, despite being unable to cite a single person she?s ?de-radicalised?, recently accepted travel and accommodation from the Palestinian Authority and Kuwait ? neither of whom are exactly noted for their strong human rights record. Quote:

The proposal, from Labor?s Anne Aly, was denounced by Liberal backbencher and former Human Rights commissioner Tim Wilson, who said it would ?turn Australia into Saudi Arabia, where people can be hauled before courts for criticising religion?.

The move was also rejected by Nick Xenophon, despite his senators being committed to blocking changes that would prevent 18C claims by those saying they have been offended or insulted. ?As a general principle I do not support the reintroduction of blasphemy laws in this country,? he said. End of quote.

Still, the guy who supports Hezbollah, advocates for sharia courts and polygamy, and defends wife-beating is all for it. Quote:

But Dr Aly?s idea found strong support from Federation of Islamic Councils president Keysar Trad. End of quote.

Because of course they did. Quote:

Mr Wilson said Dr Aly?s support for anti-blasphemy laws was a reminder that unless 18C were changed, Labor would use it as a precedent and extend it to religion?Laws should stop harassment, but they shouldn?t stop discussing difficult ideas.?

Dr Aly?s proposal was part of a ?mad, ideological drive of the modern Labor Party to use laws to shut people up?. End of quote.


Which, I?m sure, is a story familiar to Whaleoil readers.