Labor’s double-standard exposed by their racist rhetoric

Caption: Video has surfaced of NSW Labor leader Michael Daley addressing a party function.

Like most of their ideological fellows, Australia?s Labor party have rushed with indecent haste to exploit the horror in Christchurch for their own, sleazy political gain. Bill Shorten, ever the slimy opportunist, sheeted blame to the political right. As if Labor didn?t have a long history of racism ? an ongoing history.

After all, it was only in 2014 that Shorten joined in a union rally shouting about ?Japs? taking Australian jobs. When a unionist ranted that ?Last time we had Jap subs, they were in bloody Sydney Harbour?, Shorten chimed in with the racist rhetoric. Labor are still waving the anti-Asian flag when they think no-one?s listening. Quote:

NSW Labor leader Michael Daley has apologised for saying Asian immigrants are ?taking the jobs?? and replacing ?fleeing? young Sydneysiders.

A video has emerged of Mr Daley telling a Labor Party function in the Blue Mountains last year that young people in the NSW capital were being replaced with young Asian people with PhDs?

The bombshell video has surfaced just six days before a neck-and-neck state election where the NSW Opposition Leader will need to win swing seats with large migrant communities, such as the government?s most marginal seat of East Hills.

It has outraged the Greens, who would be crucial to Labor if both parties fail to win a majority.

?Michael Daley?s appalling narrow?casting is engaging in racist? dog whistling against Asian Australians when he thinks no one critical is listening,?? Greens MP David Shoebridge said.

?Shameful stuff and an ugly bit of insight into the whatever-it-takes ALP machine.?? End of quote.

Labor?s history of racism is as old as the party itself. Labor formed from the labour movement of the 19th century, which was violently racist, against Chinese in particular. Labor?s first act in Federation was to impose the White Australia policy. Even by the late 1960s, Labor?s immigration spokesman openly said, ?Two Wongs don?t make a white?.

In the opportunistic witch-hunt following Christchurch, Labor and their media camp-followers have rushed to point the finger at anyone who?s ever so much as expressed disquiet over Islamic terrorism, or Australia?s unprecedented immigration rate. Ex-Kiwi drunkard Derryn Hinch screamed abuse at Pauline Hanson on national television, swearing and ranting that the Christchurch killer?s [redacted by NZ censor] was supposedly ?like One Nation policy?.

So, what is Hinch going to say, now that a Labor leader has apparently echoed the killer?s words? Quote:

In the video, posted to YouTube in September, Mr Daley is heard telling attendees at a ?polit?ics in the pub? session in Wentworth Falls, in the seat of Blue Mountains, of the impact of immig?ration. ?Our young children will flee and who are they being replaced with??? he said.

?They are being replaced by young people from typically Asia with PhDs. There?s a transform?ation happening in Sydney now where our kids are moving out and foreigners are moving in and taking? their jobs.? End of quote.


The Christchurch murderer ranted about [redacted by NZ censor] too. Does this mean that his [redacted by NZ censor] is also like Labor policy?

Of course the media won?t hold the racism of their own side to account. They?ve got a crisis, and there?s no way they?re going to let it go to waste by being consistent or anything.