Landlord scares tenants into not voting for Labour

This is how much your rent will go up if Labour get back in and introduce a CGT

A landlord has scared tenants into not voting for Labour by telling them the truth about why rents are going to increase and he has encouraged other landlords to do the same. quote.

Renters are horrified at a landlord’s call for higher rents to punish tenants for voting Labour.

But officials say the landlord isn’t doing anything illegal.

A Hamilton-based landlord took to Facebook earlier this week to encourage fellow property investors to tell their tenants 10 percent rent increases were on the way if Labour wins the next election and introduces a capital gains tax (CGT). end quote.

Speaking as a landlord, when a CGT in any form is introduced, the said tax will decrease the return on my investment and consequently, I have the right to claw back and protect my business interests by increasing the rent. quote.

What if we all said to our tenants across the whole of New Zealand, ‘Look, I need to apologise in advance, but unfortunately you’re looking at a 10 percent increase in rent if Labour gets in and introduces CGT on rentals,” the property owner wrote on the Property Investors Chat Group NZ Facebook page, which has nearly 20,000 members.

Why should we all do this scaremongering tactic? If 35 percent of houses are rentals in New Zealand and we can get say half of the tenants NOT to give Labour their vote, we might as a collective help change the outcome of the next election and in doing so send the Labour Party a clear message.

Renters United spokesperson Kate Day told Newshub landlords shouldn’t be using “intimidation tactics” against their own tenants. end quote.

How can informing the rental market about the consequences of voting for Labour, given the ramifications and effect of the CGT on how much rent they will have to pay, be classed as intimidation? Facts are facts. A CGT will cause rents to increase. quote.

“It shows what a farce it is that landlords raise the rent because their costs increase – what this clearly shows is landlords raise rents because they can. The market conditions and political conditions allow it.”

The CGT recommended by the Tax Working Group (TWG) would only apply to gains made on investment properties after April 2021 – so would not apply to any increase in value over the past 10 years, for example, and wouldn’t affect the day-to-day running costs.

“You’ve got a landlord encouraging others to raise rents 10 percent regardless of what happens to their costs, and also threatening the increase in order to influence their vote, which is obviously unethical,” said Ms Day.

“It’s also bordering on unlawful, in respect of price-fixing or influencing votes like that. It certainly shows why we need the Government to intervene and stop rents rising.” end quote.

According to the far left, it?s okay to use taxpayer funds to remunerate an un-elected ?official? to try to make the introduction of a CGT popular to all New Zealanders.

However the suggested 10% rent increase may not be enough should the Coalition of Losers return for another term – particularly if rents are frozen by legislation as Ms Day suggests.

Landlords had better get in early and increase rents before they are shut out by this Socialist government. Congratulations Jacinda, yet again you have failed in your mission to take care of the poor. quote.

But the Electoral Commission told Newshub landlords – like anyone else – are “allowed to use social media to express political views”, and the landlord’s post was “insufficient to reach the threshold required to be considered a breach of the Electoral Act”.

And the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment said landlords are allowed to increase rents for any reason they like.

“The Residential Tenancies Act does not specify how much landlords can increase rent by, or whether there needs to be a cost-related reason behind a rent increase,” said Jennifer Sykes, Housing and Tenancy Services manager of information and education.

Tenants can fight back against rent rises if their landlord is “charging substantially more than is being charged for similar properties in the area”, but they’d have to provide proof of this to the Tenancy Tribunal.end quote.


The proposal to introduce a CGT is representative of ideologues who do not possess business acumen, who do not comprehend actions having sour consequences, and who prioritise Marxist doctrine ahead of the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

This government are not Leaders; they are Misleaders.