Latham and Hanson blast the idiots in their party and the foreign collusion which trapped them

Caption: You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Biff.

The fallout from the One Nation/NRA/Al Jazeera scandal continues unabated. While the mainstream parties and the media are relishing the opportunity to hammer what they clearly see as a massive threat to their political interests, new One Nation MP Mark Latham is understandably furious at the clownish antics of his colleagues ? and at the underhanded interference of a foreign actor in Australian politics. Quote:

Incoming NSW One Nation MP Mark Latham has blasted Pauline Hanson?s right-hand men for claiming they were drunk when they were caught on tape seeking $20m from the US gun lobby.

One Nation chief of staff James Ashby and the party?s Queensland leader Steve Dickson said yesterday they were ?on the sauce? when they were caught on tape saying they wanted to obtain up to $20 million in donations from the NRA in an Al-Jazeera sting operation.

Mr Latham, a former federal Labor leader, said the pair?s claims of drunkenness were ?no excuse? but added that anyone in politics would be terrified to be ?entrapped? in a similar way.

?They said they?d been on the drink but that?s no excuse. The language, the phrases, and expressions are not something I would condone in any shape or form,? he told Sydney?s 2GB radio. End of quote.

Latham has been working hard to pull One Nation into the political mainstream and to destroy the ?racist redneck? image peddled by the legacy media. In the NSW election, One Nation ran Indian and Muslim candidates. While immigration is still a key platform, One Nation?s policies are undoubtedly more in touch with public sentiment ? which is consistently demanding immigration restriction ? than either of the major parties.

Latham is understandably hacked off that a couple of piss-head clowns are trashing all the work he?s been doing. He?s even angrier that triumphant legacy media are almost completely ignoring the dangerous subtext to this whole affair. Quote:

?But having been entrapped, anyone in politics would say in those circumstances you?d be horrified if every private conversation was taped, every private meeting was filmed by hidden camera.?

Mr Latham, who was elected to the NSW upper house last Saturday, said he considered Al-Jazeera?s tactics ?poisonous? to public trust in politics and journalism??It?s poisonous for our democracy can?t treat lobby groups and constituents at face value.

?This three year entrapment exercise is completely unprecedented in the history of Australian democracy.? End of quote.


It?s disturbing that the media arm of a human-rights-challenged Middle-Eastern state went to so much trouble to entrap and undermine the party that has channelled public disquiet over mass Muslim immigration. Quote:

Pauline Hanson says she is ?shocked and disgusted? at an Al-Jazeera sting operation on One Nation, in her first public comments since her right-hand men were caught on tape seeking $20m from the US gun lobby??I was shocked & disgusted with the Al Jazeera hit piece. A Qatari government organisation should not be targeting Australian political parties. This has been referred to ASIO,? she tweeted. End of quote.


Ashby and Dickson are fools who?ve come a cropper. But their enemies are far more threatening to Australia?s democracy.