Let’s get real reporters to Tommy’s trial

By Ezra Levant
Rebel Media

Unbelievable. They?re really doing it.

They?re really putting Tommy Robinson on trial again for contempt of court.

Again ? for the same thing as last time. For reporting from outside the courthouse in Leeds last May, where a Muslim rape gang was on trial. 

Theresa May?s Attorney General just notified Tommy yesterday. 

They want to put him back in prison.

This is outrageous. Tommy has already served ten weeks in solitary confinement for this non-crime. As you know, prison officials were literally starving him to death ? he lost 3 stone (40 pounds), and received no medical care.

I truly think he would have died in there if we hadn?t got him out. 

Last year we crowdfunded Tommy?s lawyers at the Court of Appeal ? and the Lord Chief Justice himself ruled that the whole process was improper. It was a stunning rebuke of the way he was treated by the system. 

And yet, instead of an apology, Theresa May is prosecuting Tommy again. 

This time, Tommy’s handling his legal fees on his own ? of course, I?ve offered him any help if he needs it. 

But there is one important thing I?m going to do, and I really need your help. 

You see, there?s one battle in the court of law. But there?s another battle in the court of public opinion. And the mainstream media in the UK hate Tommy more than ever ? especially John Sweeney and the BBC.

The media will be like a pack of jackals at this trial.?

So here?s my plan: I?m going to come to London to personally report on the trial. And I?m going to do what I?ve done before for Tommy ? I?m going to bring in other, real reporters from outside the UK too.

I?ve been working the phones, and here?s who I?ve got lined up so far, in addition to myself: 


  • Andrew Lawton from Canada ? he?s the one who exposed the UK media coordinating amongst each other how they would discredit Tommy at his last trial.
  • Cassandra Fairbanks from Washington, D.C. ? she did a series of stories about Tommy, including a major interview
  • Will Chamberlain ? a lawyer by profession who is now the publisher of the American magazine Human Events
  • Jordan James, Ian Adamczyk and Darrell Goodliffe ? three independent journalists with the news website Politicalite.com
  • Count Dankula ? the YouTuber and humorist who was prosecuted by the state for his humour. 

Unconfirmed, but checking their schedules:

  • Avi Yemini ? an Australian ally of Tommy
  • Pardes Seleh ? an American reporter in Washington, D.C., who covers media and politics

Including me, that?s seven confirmed journalists, with two more maybe?s.

Can you help me bring them over? Here?s what I?ve offered these reporters:

  1. Low-cost economy flight to London, or in the case of the Manchester lads, economy-class train fare.
  2. A low-cost hotel room ? 3-stars, maximum.
  3. Taxi fare and other incidentals.

No-one will be paid a fee. And in return, these reporters will attend at court and do their independent journalism. I will have no editorial oversight of what they do. But I know they?re real reporters ? so they?ll cover things far more accurately than the UK media will.

I?m going to need at least $15,000 to $20,000 dollars ? that?s ?10,000 to ?15,000 ? to buy everyone economy-class plane tickets and hotel rooms. But I think it?s essential, don?t you?

If you do, please go to www.RealReporters.uk. It?s the least we can do to help Tommy.

See you at the Royal Courts of Justice on March 22nd!

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Last year, Tommy told me that bringing overseas journalists was one of the most important things we did to help him in his battle. Let?s do it again ? if you can help with ?5 or ?50, or anything in between, it would go a long way.

P.P.S. Imagine if Donald Trump himself read an article about Tommy, and tweeted in support of him! With so many Americans coming over, I think that?s a real possibility. Please go to www.RealReporters.uk to help bring these Americans, Canadians and Australians to court to help Tommy get the truth out ? thanks.