Licking dunny seats and punishing ThoughtCrime

Caption: Stunning and brave.

Licking dunny seats and charging fifty bucks for a ?cum show? is apparently just fine with the woke crowd ? just don?t slip up with their pronouns. ?Welcome to the shit show,? indeed. Quote:

A video of a gender-fluid sex worker licking a toilet went viral on Twitter Monday, winning its star instant fame.

More than 6 million people have watched the clip, which shows ?Grimiest? erotically tonguing what appears to be the seat of an airplane lavatory. A text overlaying the video reads: ?lickin the airplane toilet bc I?m gross like that.? End of quote.

Yes. Apparently, you are. Quote:

In a follow-up tweet on Tuesday, the nonbinary 22-year-old welcomed new followers and thanked those ?who sent or posted kind words abt my shenanigans yesterday.? Grimiest expressed special gratitude to those who had policed the rampant ?misgendering? that happened in the replies to the toilet-licking video.

Use of female pronouns did not generally appear to have been malicious, and no one reported being punished under Twitter?s transgender-friendly speech regulations. Most people simply seem to have assumed that Grimmiest is a woman based on physical appearances. Those who further explored Grimmiest?s Twitter feed would also have come across images of the sex worker?s female-looking naked body.

Additional pornographic material is available exclusively to dues-paying Snapchat subscribers, with memberships ranging from $15 for ?MESSY? to $50 for ?GRIMY,? Grimeist let it be known in a series of tweets on Wednesday. Grimiest promised customers new videos at least five times a week, including no less than one ?cum show.?

Those who want to exchange sexts with Grimiest must spring for at least the second-tier FILTHY membership, which costs $30. Just show some respect and use ?they/them? pronouns.? End of quote.


You know, if someone wants to lick the shitter on a Jetstar flight, and if other people want to pay to see that, well, that?s fine. Each to their own. Even the foot-fetishists are perfectly welcome to rub one out over a dainty set of tootsies in the privacy of their own home, if that?s their thing. So, I might wrinkle my nose at some whacker rimming a dunny seat, but, hey, that?s none of my business.

But what?s illuminating here is the bullying subtext. Authoritarians routinely use language contortions to control their subjects ? controlling language, as Orwell explained, is a means of controlling thought. Transgenderist ideology is built on a foundation of obvious lies. The only way to try and stop people from expressing obvious facts is to police language with crushing thoroughness and outlaw even the possibility of speaking truth.