Lying is easy, it’s the truth that is hard to find

I need Help! We need help ! Whaleoil needs your help!

It’s a well known fact that you should believe less than half of what you read on the internet these days.

Isherman found this graphic online and complained that it was all wrong. Spiker agreed that it was full of errors too, so Nige asked one of the other writers to do a post about it, but they claimed to know nothing about guns. So I was next up on the list, nice to know I’m in 2nd place.

After some pitiful attempts at flattery I eventually agreed to do it, mainly to save Nige from further embarrassment. The trouble is, you can take what I know about guns and cover it entirely with a spoonful of cheesecake.

Which is a very long involved way of getting to the point of my story.

I need help, from all you smart people out there that know more about guns than me. That’s a lot of you. We know that there is a whole mass of collective knowledge out there that gun owners have brought to Whaleoil over the years, and we ‘d like to tap into it.

Tell us what they got wrong in that nasty little graphic above. You’ll need to prove you are right of course, no cheating. Tell us where you found your facts, preferably with a link to the source.

The person who finds the most errors wins bragging rights.

If this group research is successful, we may do it more often. Let us know in the comments if you think this is a good idea.