Mallard still protecting Jacinda in the House

Photoshopped image credit: Rick H

Jacinda really is very poor in the House. She is snarling, sarcastic and she fails to recognise that it is the duty of the opposition to hold the government to account. This government’s performance has been so poor, though, that it’s given the opposition plenty of fodder and Jacinda hates answering the hard questions. Instead, she constantly has to be rescued by Grant Robertson, Winston and even by the Speaker himself.

Nobody could ever question the speaker’s obvious bias, if they listened to five minutes of Question Time on any given day. quote.

It is not often that Simon Bridges gets the better of Jacinda Ardern in Question Time.

It is even more rare for Bridges to be applauded by his own side. 
But both happened today – until Speaker Trevor Mallard intervened. end quote.

Jacinda does not seem to understand how anyone could ever question her superior knowledge and she behaves as if it is an affront every time anyone does so. On CGT, she is weak, constantly pointing out that the government is ‘considering’ all aspects of the TWG report, rather than admitting that there are some glaring consequences, such as the effect on KiwiSaver accounts. quote.

Bridges: “Is the NGO she spoke of the International Union of Socialist Youth?”

Ardern: “The member knows how to use Wikipedia ? well done.”

And the next ad-lib question almost earned Bridges a standing ovation from his own team: “Has talking to international comrades helped her with her small-business policy development in New Zealand.”

She protested amid the happy uproar at Bridges’ question that she knew what it was like to hire and fire people, perhaps more than Bridges had as a Crown prosecutor.

It was Bridges’ moment but Mallard was having none of it. There are no rules for when applause is tolerated and when it is not. That is decided by the mood of the Speaker who clearly did not like National ganging up on her.

Mallard: “We’re not going to have that sort of seal-like approach in this House.” end quote.

Strange, because it happens all the time on the other side of the house and Mallard always lets it go. And when exactly did Jacinda hire and fire? NGOs like the International Union of Socialist Youth have an elected board, and virtually everyone else is a paid-up member and volunteer. There is no hiring and firing to do.

Speaking of hiring and firing, her prior experience must have stood her in very good stead for dealing with Clare Curran and Meka Waitiri, don’t you think? quote.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters sprang to Ardern’s rescue.

“Ah the businessman,” National’s Gerry Brownlee said when Peters, the former lawyer, former teacher, former labourer and former miner got to his feet.

Mallard ordered a withdrawal and apology from Brownlee.

A Newspaper. end quote.

The opposition has got Jacinda on the ropes; firstly over CGT and now over her false claims to have small business experience. She has really been caught out basically lying to Mike Hosking. By bringing the matter to the attention of the house, Bridges has outed Jacinda as being untruthful and he has forced her to acknowledge her communist roots. He has also displayed her complete lack of real-life experience and all in one Question Time. And, for once, the media has actually written about it.

Jacinda has her henchmen though, and the most powerful of those is the person who runs the way things are conducted in the house. Mallard can make things very easy for Jacinda, and he does so, even to the extent of not allowing the opposition benches to have a good laugh at her expense. The tide is turning though. Her lack of business experience and her untruthfulness have been laid bare for all to see. So have her communist roots. By refusing to name the NGO she once led, she has made an issue out of it that the opposition can exploit for all it is worth. Mallard can only protect her so far. Good one, Simon Bridges.

Jacinda Ardern talking to members of the “small NGO” that she once led.