Media’s new moral crusade

Photoshopped image credit: SadButTrue

This act of murderous terrorism in New Zealand was a dreadful crime against innocent people praying in their mosques. It has clearly shocked the nation. It has shocked me; in fact, in some sense, it has disoriented me.

My disorientation is due to the quick knee jerk politicisation of this crime by political and cultural commentators and what they dare to say about white people like me. They seem to ask me, as a white person, to consider myself inherently complicit in this crime. They talk about colonialist white supremacy, racism and the need to stamp out unwelcome ideas.

It is true that the idea that one race is superior to another is wrongheaded and should be refuted. However some, like Dame Anne Salmond, would have no trouble joining the dots between New Zealand white people who might consider Mozart better than the musical forms of Maori culture, and the murderous gunman.

The impression I get is that harbouring similar thoughts of preferment for European culture is dangerous; therefore I might be dangerous, and hence my sense of disorientation. Such suggestions are absurd, and those who propagate such crude ideas should be challenged.

If they are able to stamp out every idea they despise (now morally labelled as racism), they will have built a new tyranny and our democracy will no longer be free.

Clearly this horrendous crime is a handy tool by which to launch a moral campaign against white people with apparent notions of ?superiority?. These new moral crusaders advance the rhetoric against colonialist, white, ?pale, male and stale? New Zealanders, and, even as one psychologist suggested, all young European men, who are, I guess, left behind in the march for progress. In fact, they might throw anyone society readily associates with ?the right? under the bus of this crime in order to cleanse us of it. This is absurd.

Why this terrorist did what he did cannot be simply reduced to right-wing racism. [redacted by NZ censor] The media are busy promoting cherry-picked interpretations which fit the new moral crusade on racial lines.

It seems the terrorist shooter was at least clever enough to know the effect of his [redacted by NZ censor] on useful idiots.

In the media we read that Trump is blamed. However, the shooter [redacted by NZ Censor]

The shooter was anti-Muslim. Clearly, yes, for he murdered Muslims in mosques. However,[ redacted by NZ censor]

My point is this: this terrorist does not simply represent the crude racism and white supremacy of those primarily concerned about the arrangement of melanin within national borders, or notions of religious purity intent on expunging Islam entirely from western shores. For these are old and familiar ideas and the ideas of the world have changed because of environmental concerns.

Those politicising this despicable crime should think more deeply about the complexities around this terrorist act. This shooter declares [redacted by NZ censor] I do not begin to understand such thinking, but crude common garden notions of white racism dished up by some commentators dishonour the full explanation these victims deserve about why their loved ones were gunned down while praying in their mosques.