Mirror mirror, on the wall

Who’s the wokest of them all?

Since the terrorist attack last Friday, the media have been in overdrive.? I turned on the TV when I got home from work, and gave up in disgust after about half an hour of channel flicking.? I learned nothing new and I could probably set them straight on a few of their reported ‘facts’.

In the good old days of my childhood, when everything was better, the news was exactly that, news.? Information delivered in a measured fashion with little emotion.

These days, in the desperate bid to retain viewers and attract internet clicks, facts are thin on the ground and news media are peddling opinion pieces in their place.? All hoping for the sound-bite that will be picked up by the international media.

The last week has been a cacophony of bad spelling, poor editing and sloppy reporting.  We?ve had ?leather action? shotguns (lever action), we?ve had photos of Tarrant?s car being taken away for forensic examination from the site where he was arrested in Christchurch with the photo?s captions saying it was from his home in Dunedin. It’s hard to get those two locations mixed up really if you had any clue what you were reporting, but they managed it.  We?ve had stories about panicked buying of semi-automatics accompanied by photos of guns that are nothing like semi-automatics.

So you can imagine my surprise when not one, but two articles were published today, praising the media for their work over the last week.

First was this beauty, announcing that “Kiwi broadcasting stars wear headscarves in solidarity with muslim community”. quote.

“Our Muslim friends shouldn’t feel unsafe wearing their headscarves,” Toni wrote on her own Instagram, using the hashtag, #scarvesinsolidarity. end quote.

A Newspaper

Is she so woke that she has no clue that women are often unsafe if they do not wear their headscarf?? I wonder how Nasrin Sotoudeh feels about free western women choosing to subjugate themselves in this manner?

The second story carried the headline “Our media did us proud“.  This story was from Tim Murphy at Newsroom. quote.

They say you get the media you deserve.

This week, New Zealand deserved and got first-class public interest journalism – almost across the board – as media organisations first scrambled and then delivered in covering one of the biggest, saddest and most shocking news stories in the country’s history.

We should expect nothing less. But for too long the day-to-day one-dimensionality of what passes as news, the collapse in the finances and resources of commercial media and the heightened partisanship in the community around politics and social issues have lowered public expectations and appreciation of journalism and why it matters.

For all its perceived and real failings, this week New Zealand journalism served the public well. Many public institutions and leaders likewise. An event this profoundly important and serious tends to bring out the best in people. “


If this is the media we deserve, then we have been terrible people.

If they hadn’t praised themselves, I doubt anyone else would have. I just hope that no one dislocated their shoulder while patting their own back.

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