New Zealand in shock as the gravity of the terror attack is absorbed

New Zealand is in shock as we all try to absorb the enormity of the Christchurch massacre. It is only natural to ask why? The Australian born terrorist has revealed the workings of his twisted mind in a manifesto that he published before gunning down innocent people, including children, inside two Christchurch mosques.

In the manifesto,

The youngest victim, Swedish schoolgirl Ebba ?kerlund, would have been celebrating her 13th birthday on Thursday. Her grieving father told the tabloid Expressen he was devastated that she was missing out on what “should have been the happiest day of her life”.


[redacted by NZ censor] I just read of a young New Zealand girl being murdered at his hand. No matter how he tries to justify his actions, he is cut from the same extremist, radicalised cloth as the Muslim terrorist who murdered Ebba.

The efficiency with which he reportedly killed people, using more than one weapon in the video, makes it highly likely that he has had military training. It also appears that he has been planning the attack for a long time. His online footprint is large and leads me to ask, where on earth was the GCSB? Our left-wing government has been hostile to having an effective intelligence agency in New Zealand, yet if we had a well resourced, intelligence agency this massacre could have been prevented.

The terrorist [redacted by NZ censor]

[redacted by NZ censor] left-wing governments will crack down on freedom of speech in reaction to his attack, [redacted by NZ censor] If Ardern’s government takes the bait and introduces hate speech laws, it will be playing into his hands, [redacted by NZ censor]