Newspeak, doublethink & the pursuit of thought-crimes

The Newspeak and doublethink used on the projectloveNZ website has to be seen to be believed. For those of you unfamiliar with the terms here is a summary. quote

[…] Orwell?s warnings against totalitarian authority and omnipresent surveillance are as relevant as ever. Beyond the familiar message that ?Big Brother is always watching you,? what many readers of Orwell?s dystopian novel may remember most is the fictional language he created, called Newspeak.

[…] Newspeak is an altered form of regular English designed and controlled by the state in order to suppress free thought, individualism, and happiness.

[…] The rules of Newspeak
The primary aim of Newspeak is to reduce the meaning of language […]

Newspeak goals and real-world ramifications

Newspeak intended not only to force the populace to conform their thoughts and ideologies towards those of The Party, but to make it impossible to even conceive of any other point of view. For example, one character in the novel mentions that one of The Party?s most chiefly known slogans, ?Freedom is Slavery,? will eventually change; for when Newspeak has reached its goals, the very idea of Freedom as defined in this fashion would be impossible for the populace even to imagine. Other Newspeak words illustrate such attempts to control thought and even the populace?s ideas about reality itself: doublethink, for example, means to hold two contradictory beliefs to be true, but without any cognitive dissonance, allowing one to be unaware of actual contradictions. The slogans of The Party, ?War is Peace,? ?Freedom is Slavery,? and ?Ignorance is Strength,? are perfect examples of this phenomenon.

Doublethink as a concept is what allows the totalitarian party to thrive without collapsing in on itself: for example, members of The Party can commit acts they know to be immoral while accepting the idea that no act they commit could possibly be immoral.

[…] Another Newspeak term from Nineteen Eighty-Four that has gone on to enter the popular vernacular is thoughtcrime, a word used in the novel to describe the act of thinking socially unacceptable thoughts or holding opinions that are ideologically distinct from The Party?s.

Thought police, the term for the group in Nineteen Eighty-Four that monitored the populace for any signs of unorthodox thought or action, has also become popular to signify any organization that attempts to suppress freedom of thought. […] end quote

I have run some of the projectlovenz website text through our Whaleoil translator.

Whaleoil translator machine

Let’s start with their byline..

Project LOVE a digital observatory promoting inclusive narratives online.

Newspeak translation:

  • Project LOVE = Project HATE.
  • A digital observatory = online spies.
  • Promoting inclusive narratives online = shutting down speech we don’t like.

In their ABOUT section and their section explaining WHY they have set up their project the following Newspeak is used.

  • Opposing toxic narratives = We will troll those we disagree with.
  • Identity based oppression = We will hold a whole identity group responsible for the actions of an individual.
  • Harmful narratives = We will have a chilling effect on open and free debates by labelling them harmful.
  • A digital observatory = Spy central.
  • Toxic narratives = Any opinion that we decide hurts an identity group’s feelings.
  • Recenter the conversation = Control the conversation.
  • Inclusive narratives = Members of our favoured identity group may speak ? as long as they share our opinions.
  • Co-opt public spaces = Kick people with the wrong opinions off the internet.
  • Cultural and emotional defences = Pick on white people all day long, (oh and males, especially white males).
  • Culture of responsibility and inclusiveness, working with media outlets and online platforms = Use the media to destroy individuals and organisations with hit-piece journalism that we feed them.
  • Want better, more inclusive, more loving narratives to spread: = Crush ruthlessly any thought-crimes.
  • We want narratives that extend beyond one group, and narratives that expand to include the perspectives and sounds of many, many voices = No, we only want one narrative but it sounds better to pretend that we are open to other opinions.
  • Create a more open, connected global society. = Close down and control debate globally.
  • The digital observatory will work toward […] offering intervention = We are online censors
  • Intervention: our community needs to engage and act, both online and offline, to eradicate toxic narratives = We are the Thought police.
  • Create counter-narratives = Propaganda.
  • Disempower and isolate racist and exclusionary speech in online discussions = Yes we really are the Thought police searching for thought-crimes.

There is some serious doublethink on display. The worse of which is this one without a doubt. quote

Diminishing toxic narratives online […] makes online spaces more open, free, and inclusive end quote

oh my god wtf GIF