NZ Herald published video of the terror attack but have not yet been charged with a crime *UPDATED

A Christchurch teenager was charged with sharing the gunman’s Facebook live-stream. Photo / Pool

The NZ Herald has reported on a teenager who has been charged for sharing the Facebook live stream of the terror attack online. quote.

An 18-year-old Christchurch man was also accused of sharing the gunman’s livestream on the day of the attacks and faces two charges and up to 14 years’ behind bars. end quote.

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Unbelievably the NZ Herald themselves published CNN’s CCTV video footage of the terror attack.

Not only did they publish it, but they were also 100% aware of the seriousness of what they were making public as they included the following warning before playing the video. At the time that this article was written the video was still accessible to the public although I did not watch it.

This is the same NZ Herald that has forming a deplatforming task force working hand in glove with Canterbury university in order to troll for ” hate speech.”

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According to journalist Matt Nippert they have dedicated teams trolling through years worth of comments and articles right now. No doubt they will label whatever they find as “hate speech” and “horrific” if previous hyperbole in the media is anything to go by.

If they can’t find anything good then they will just tell us that it was “horrific” and “shocking” and will not bother to provide any evidence of their claims. If they do provide evidence they will fail to provide context or to let us know how old the comments are so that they can agitiate to deplatform the website or cost the commenter their job.

Today may be the day that Nippert releases both his latest hit job and the name of his new Academic spy group who will be hunting conservative people and websites. Like a similar group in America they will seek to deplatform by labelling organisations “Hate groups.”

A member of the public is not happy that there is one rule for the public but another rule for the Media and has made a complaint about the NZ Herald publishing the video to New Zealand’s Digital Safety Group.

Below is the response that they received. We will keep you posted if action is taken against the NZ Herald.

Complaint re New Zealand Herald

Kia ora,

Thank you for your email, we really appreciate your time sending this information to us and your concerns.

The Department of Internal Affairs is currently working with other organisations in New Zealand and Internationally, such as law enforcement agencies and internet service providers, to remove footage related to the attack.

The Department considers that the footage related to the attack is objectionable and therefore an offence under New Zealand law to possess, share or host. We consider this is very serious and we are taking action to have the content removed.

We are aware that people may have unsuspectingly viewed the video on social media platforms thinking it is a media article, so please be vigilant of images that yourself and those around you are viewing, particularly our young people.

If you or someone you know has viewed the video and are struggling with what you have seen please see 1737 ?Need to talk? or free call or text 1737.

For further information on how to stay safe online, please see:

Netsafe ? New Zealand?s independent, non-profit online safety organisation that provides practical tools, support and advice for managing online challenges, including cyberbullying, and helps people stay safe.

Office of Film and Literature Classification ? the government body that classifies publications and provides information about decisions and undertakes research about classifications and their affects.

Other useful resources ? takes you to the Department?s Censorship page which has a selection of useful links to other websites related to Internet safety.

Thank you,
Digital Safety Group


UPDATE: The member of the public who sent the complaint to the Digital Safety Group contacted me today to tell me why they complained to them. After reading the information on regarding the sharing of the Christchurch shooting they decided to contact Netsafe.

Netsafe told them that the video had been removed from the internet so they would not be doing anything about it and suggested that the person go to the Media Council instead. Then two other people, as well as this person complained to Netsafe as the video was still up and had not been removed from the internet as claimed by Netsafe.

Netsafe still did not consider it was something that they should be dealing with and again told them to go to the Media council.

The person has written to the NZ Herald as they are not allowed to go to the Media council until after the NZ Herald responds to them and only if they are unhappy with their response

Meanwhile no one appears to be doing ANYTHING to remove the video from the NZ Herald website. As I type now it is still accessable to the public!


WARNING: Do not post a link in our comments to the NZ Herald video as it breaks the law.