NZ must be better than Australia on Yiannopoulos issue?

Credit: SonovaMin

David Cumin
Free Speech Coalition

The Government must reaffirm its position on allowing controversial speakers to enter New Zealand in light of the Morrison government?s denial of entry for Milo Yiannopoulos.?

Last year Australia banned Chelsea Manning from visiting on character grounds. In August 2018 the National Party pressed the government to follow Australia?s lead, but the government commendably supported Manning?s right to speak. The government should publicly reaffirm its commitment to free speech in light of Australia?s ban of Yiannopoulos.

Citizens are entitled to receive any information they wish. This is one of the principles that make Western democracies the envy of the world. We do not keep our citizens in the dark. Adults are capable of discerning what is good or bad information.?

Censorship by revoked visa risks becoming a popular weapon for governments opposed to certain types of speech. New Zealand must not follow Australia?s anti-speech, anti-freedom example. Let?s show our cousins across the strait what a true liberal democracy looks like.?

The Free Speech Coalition has no opinion on Milo Yiannopoulos? views or on the methods in which he spreads those views, and is fighting for his right to speak only.