One Nation caught in a political and media scandal that reflects well on no one

Caption: Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dee have made fools of themselves and their party.

The scandal that?s suddenly engulfed Pauline Hanson?s One Nation party shows both that the party, while it has matured considerably in recent years, still has a long way to go to weed out its mavericks and shonks. It also shows just how shit-scared the political-media class are of grass roots conservative parties. There is a concerted effort in Australian political and media circles to take down One Nation, and they?re willing to brook foreign collusion to do it.

Foreign collusion is at the heart of the scandal, and neither side comes out of it looking pretty. Not One Nation, whose chief of staff and Queensland leader have been sprung touting for donations from the NRA, and most certainly not the media, who?ve effectively resorted to spying by an agent of a foreign power. Quote:

One Nation Queensland leader Steve Dickson has been caught on tape describing some immigrants as ?really dangerous?? and lamenting that ?we are importing all these Muslims into Australia??.

The comments were made during a trip to Washington DC where Mr Dickson and Pauline Hanson?s chief of staff, James Ashby, solicited for foreign donations to soften Australia?s gun laws. End of quote.

First off, it should be noted that One Nation, like them or not, weren?t doing anything illegal at the time in soliciting foreign donations. Both of the major parties, not to mention shady, powerful activist groups, were happily trousering huge donations from China and from Soros-funded organisations. But the NRA and Koch Bros are the great boogey-men of the left-media elite in Australia. Asking for money from them was always going to set off a hypocritical shit-storm in Australia. Quote:

Both Mr Dickson and Mr Ashby appeared to be concerned about the political impact of their trip to seek funds becoming public?. Mr Dickson said if it got out that One Nation had been talking to the NRA, ?it?ll f..king rock the boat??. End of quote.

But as the political-media class works itself into a self-righteous frenzy, it also has some hard questions to answer. The sort of secret recordings used by Al Jazeera are almost certainly illegal, not to say highly unethical, in Australia. There are also hard questions to answer about the activities of a media organisation run by a foreign government and described by one of its own foreign reporters as ?a propaganda broadcaster?. A media organisation, moreover, notorious for its anti-Semitic and anti-Western content. Quote:

Al Jazeera journalist Peter Charley spent three years investig?ating the pro-gun lobby in America with Rodger Muller, the public face of a fake organisation, Gun Rights Australia?Mr Muller, who secretly recorde?d hundreds of hours of footage, ingratiated himself with Mr Ashby by telling him about contacts he had within the NRA?

Mr Muller?marketed cigars ?before opening his dog food business?he said his ?double life? as an undercover operative began when he was approached in 2015 by the executive producer of Al Jazeera?s investigative unit in Washington, Mr Charley, who had run across him while working in Australia for the ABC.

As part of his ?training?, Mr Muller was flown to London to be taught how to conduct himself undercover and to use hidden cameras; having never handled a gun, he received? training in shooting and weapon safety.

?Mr Ashby said One Nation had made complaints to the Aust?ralian Federal Police and domestic? security agency ASIO that state-owned Al Jazeera had breached new laws against foreign interference in Australian politics. End of quote.


While Al Jazeera has pulled off the sting of a lifetime, and One Nation have been played for fools, the whole affair stinks to high heaven. A foreign-government owned media network hiring a dog food businessman to set up and spy on an Australian political party is as big a story as an Australian political party touting for foreign cash.

In the short-term, Hanson needs to sack Ashby. He has embarrassed her party far too many times already. Dickson will probably have to go, too. But media organisations also have a lot of ethical and legal questions to answer. So far, the political-media class have only been interested in one side of the story, the one that suits their own interests.