Pauline Hanson: Bringing science to an identity fight

Caption: Elizabeth Warren now also identifies as male.

Victimhood is so hot right now.

In less enlightened times, people treated ?a touch of the tar brush? in the family as almost as shameful a secret as a ?convict stain?. In these even-less-enlightened times, any boring whitey who can claim to have turned up a great-great-grandmother who was even said to be part-Aboriginal eagerly dons a possum-skin cloak and demands to be called ?auntie?.

After all, with a bit of nous, claiming (no matter how spuriously) identity with one of society?s favoured victim groups can be the ticket to career enhancement, lucrative fees for ?welcome to country? ceremonies, or at the very least, a lifetime of unconditional welfare. Australia?s Aboriginal population has been one of its fastest-growing.

Once again saying the unsayable and speaking up for ordinary Australians, Pauline Hanson?s One Nation party wants to put the brakes on the victim gravy train. Quote:

Everybody hates a welfare rorter, especially in Aboriginal affairs.

Australians are sick and tired of seeing people with blonde hair and blue eyes declaring themselves to be Indigenous, when clearly they have no recognisable Aboriginal background and are doing it solely to qualify for extra money.

The system of Indigenous self-identification (declaring Aboriginality without any bloodline or DNA proof) has been open to widespread abuse. It is being used as a fraudulent way of cashing in on welfare benefits, special Aboriginal programs and Land Council largesse. End of quote.

The ?indigenous? population in Australia grew by an astonishing 20% in just five years. That?s almost double what was projected based on natural growth. In other words, nearly 40,000 people are deciding that, after a lifetime of whiter-than-whiteness, they?re suddenly as Aboriginal as Bennelong, Truganini and Namatjira rolled into one.

Not surprisingly, most of Australia?s New Aboriginals are concentrated in the capital cities, where most of them are actually doing pretty well. The truly grinding poverty and misery is in Aboriginal communities in the remote Outback. But that?s not where the bulk of the welfare is flowing. Quote:

Any waste of taxpayer funds in this area is highly disrespectful to genuine Indigenous. It weakens the integrity of their racial group and takes money away from people in genuine need.

If elected to NSW Parliament on March 23, Pauline Hanson?s One Nation will introduce a new system of Indigenous identification relying on DNA ancestry testing. These tests have become common and affordable in recent times, making them ideal as reliable proof of Aboriginality.

We will tighten the eligibility rules for Aboriginal identity to require DNA evidence of at least 25 percent Indigenous (the equivalent of one fully Aboriginal grandparent). Self-identification will be abolished.

We believe in an honest and fair welfare system. First Australians deserve the respect of stopping rorters and opportunists from masquerading as Indigenous. End of quote.

As grifters like Elizabeth Warren have discovered, it?s easy enough to tout your victim-identity just by making up a good story ? but when objective scientific data comes into the equation, that narrative vanishes like a puff of flour. Expect this policy to be fought against, tooth and nail. Too many people have too much invested in their spurious ‘victim’ status. Dragging them kicking and squealing from the trough will be a tough fight.