Pauline wants her Milo

Caption: How could even a legendarily fabulous faggot like Milo resist? AAP/Mick Tsikas/via REUTERS.

Leftists complain that free speech is a ?right wing issue?. For once, they?re almost correct, but not for the reasons they think. If it?s mostly people on the right standing up for free speech, that?s because the left has not only comprehensively failed to defend free speech, but is openly opposed to it. Quote:

Senator Pauline Hanson has slammed the Scott Morrison government for not immediately approving a visa for right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos.

The One Nation leader said she has contacted Minister for Immigration David Coleman through letters, texts and phone calls – urging the government to grant Yiannopoulos a visiting visa ahead of his second Australian tour.

‘You may not agree with everything that they say as long as they don’t go out there and advocate violence,’ Ms Hanson told on Sky News Australia on Tuesday.

‘If you actually want to stop someone. Stop the protesters with their violence.’ End of quote.

But the left are violent authoritarians for whom the liberty of the people to say and do as they please is anathema. What?s worse is when supposedly classical liberal parties cave in to the thuggery of the left. Although there?s much I disagree with her about, Pauline Hanson at least has the guts to take the fight to the thugs on the left. Quote:

Ms Hanson claims Mr Coleman had told her he would have an answer regarding Yiannopoulos’ visa by Monday when she contacted him on Friday.

‘I rang him on the Monday. Still haven’t heard anything,’ she said?’I think that is weak. I think it’s gutless. He has no reason for keeping Milo not coming into the country or Tommy Robinson.’

?Yiannopoulos’ is known for his commentaries mocking left-wing political correctness and feminists.

His Sydney speaking tour in 2017 attracted about 100 protestors who chanted ‘f*** off Nazi’, which led to seven arrests.

His Melbourne leg of the tour was even more violent, with police forced to use sticks to keep the demonstrators at bay.

Ms Hanson has blamed protesters for being the ones who instigate violence.

A statement from the Immigration Department to Yiannopoulos warned it is likely to deny him entry because there was a ‘risk’ he would ‘incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community’.

The letter outlined the protests at his Sydney and Melbourne events as one reason for his likely ban, the Herald Sun reported. End of quote.


Like the copper who threatened to arrest journalist Lauren Southern because he was worried that Sydney?s Muslim fanatics would explode (possibly literally) into violence at the mere sight of her, Australia?s Immigration Department is emboldening vicious leftist paramilitaries. As any responsible parent knows, giving in to a violent temper tantrum only encourages worse.

Letting the screaming toddlers of the left stamp their little feet and hold their little breaths is not conducive to a healthy democracy.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, in Australia we don?t have a government committed to either free speech or healthy democracy: the government late yesterday announced that it had banned Milo from Australia.

Meanwhile, an extremist Muslim cleric who claims that both 9/11 and the Charlie Hebdo murders were ?comedy movies? and Jewish plots was allowed into Australia, to sell-out crowds of ‘moderate Muslims’ in Sydney?s mosques.