Policewoman blows over the limit

Caption: The offending officers (artist’s impression). Photoshop: Lushington Brady.

We?ve all known the embarrassment of hitting ?Send? on Snapchat, and instantly realising with horror that you?ve just sent a picture of your junk to Mum. Um?that has happened to everyone else? I mean?it happened to a friend of mine. Yeah, a friend. Or so I?ve heard?

Anyway, moving right along? Quote:

The NYPD is probing claims that a Brooklyn cop performed oral sex on her boss inside a squad car while on the job ? blissfully unaware that her body camera was capturing crystal-clear audio of the deed.

During a recent midnight tour in East New York?s 75th Precinct, the officer and her sergeant purportedly started getting frisky inside their car, with the female cop tucking her body camera into her vest, thinking it was turned off, police sources said.

But the camera was rolling throughout the action, capturing audio of the lusty law-officers ? neither of whom was immediately identified by name ? that left little to the imagination, sources said.

The female officer can even be heard gushing to her lover about the apparent sex act as they basked in the afterglow, according to sources. End of quote.

Must?not?make??gushing? pun? Quote:

The recorded rendezvous was likely uncovered by a precinct superior during a routine review of the couple?s body camera footage after their shift ended, sources told The Post

It wasn?t immediately clear when or exactly where the clip was purportedly recorded, but word of its existence spread like wildfire around the East New York cop shop ? and back to brass in 1 Police Plaza.

?Internal investigators have also yet to give the audio a listen, and were working Wednesday to get their hands on it to determine its authenticity, another source said. End of quote.

?Get their hands on it.? Oh, boy, the puns just keep on coming?I mean, just keep popping up?I mean, oh, forget it.

But there is a serious side to this story. Quote:

?It?s disgusting and an embarrassment,? fumed one police source, who added that the sergeant should be demoted for fooling around with a subordinate if the erotic audio is as it seems.

?Especially since he is a supervisor and he would do that to his worker.? End of quote.

Still, it all goes to prove that humans are pretty basic animals. Give us any new technology, and we?ll almost immediately either stick it up an orifice it wasn?t intended for or use it to parade our bits to the world. We?re entertaining like that. Quote:

In December 2018, Brooklyn Detective Specialist Raymond Williams, 44, was suspended without pay for grabbing a colleague?s unattended body cam and using it to record a clip of his testicles. End of quote.