Press release on the terror attack from Shaykh Anwar

Anwar Sahib

By Shaykh Anwar?

?O?people,?We?have?created?you?male?and?female,?and?made?you?into?nations?and?tribes?that?you?may?know?one?another.?Verily,?the?most?noble of you to Allah is the most righteous of you. Verily, Allaah is knowing and aware.?


The despicable attacks at the two mosques in Christchurch during the Friday prayer have shaken New Zealand. This was not only an attack on the Muslim community but also an attack on our Kiwi values. As everyone has been saying, not my country, not New Zealand. As Kiwis, we value peace and tolerance. The pain and horror of the events in Christchurch has been felt by all of us, equally. We greatly appreciate how throughout New Zealand people have commiserated with the Muslim community on social media platforms and at the local mosques, extending their help and support unreservedly.

This is a time of great trial and emotions are running high. As Muslims we should indeed direct our anger at those involved in this heinous crime. Let not their actions cause division within our communities as they intended. We would like to remind all Muslims to cooperate with the authorities who are working diligently to assist those affected. We have good faith that the police and the judiciary will deal appropriately with the perpetrators.

To our brothers and sisters who have passed away from this massacre, we will remember them in our du?aas (prayers). May Allah give peace to their families, Amen. To the police, health care workers and all the people who are working hard to help the victims, we say ?Thank you?.

This massacre in Christchurch is a clear warning that any form of extremism should not be tolerated. What happened on Friday was not created in one day. It was rather cultivated over time as a result of disinformation, hate, xenophobia and islamophobia. We call upon the government to take a strong stance on hate speech and to take action. We humbly request that politicians and the media stop creating division in New Zealand. Our differences should be cherished and celebrated rather than be the reason for hate.

?People fear what they don?t understand.?

We would again like to remind, anyone who wants to learn about Islam, to please contact your local mosques or the volunteers at New Zealand Islamic Information Centre, and we will direct you accordingly. You can contact NZIIC at 0800-2-ISLAM, [email protected] or via the website contact form at,[email protected]?or?via?the?website?contact?form?at?

If you would like to contribute to the affected families, please do not hesitate to go to Any organizations that would like to be a supporting partner, please contact us directly.

There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, nor of a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior to the black, nor is the black superior to the white, except by piety.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).