Purging racially degenerate art is a perennial leftist obsession

Caption: CUNY students celebrate the eradication of “whiteness” from their English department.

The Nazis were very concerned about the influence of other races on art and culture. They decried modern art for being ?Jewish?, and hated jazz as ?negro music?. They banned art and music which didn?t conform to their racial prejudices. And they burned the books.

The modern left profess to hate Nazis and everything they stood for. Oddly, though, the modern left are in complete agreement with the Nazis about the problem of letting a ?degenerate? race dominate art, music and culture. Quote:

The Graduate English Center at the City University of New York is set to host an event [which] states that ?whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department.? The Graduate English Center brought ?together a group of scholars and thinkers in a range of disciplines in order to help us imagine, discuss, and produce new ways of resisting whiteness and envisioning alternatives in institution settings.? End of quote.


How long before one of them hits on the bright idea of mass rallies where the works of Shakespeare, Milton, Goethe and other ?pale, male and stale? authors are put to the torch?

The Nazis also burned thousands of drawings and paintings, including works by Picasso, Dali, and more. ?Progressives? seem to be working toward the same goal. Quote:

An art education professor at the University of North Texas is urging his fellow educators to use social justice-themed art classes to fight ?geometries of whiteness.?

?In response to concerns over the lack of minority educators in K-12, especially as schools are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, Lewis argues that ?the question of whiteness cannot be avoided if we are to continue to uphold the idea of educational equity and equality.? End of quote.

The Nazis also rigorously purged races they didn?t like from the academies.

Also in common with the Nazis, today?s left are philistines who use a rota of stock cliches in place of thinking. Unable to produce anything of great worth themselves ? the satirical Velvet Buzzsaw is a comedy that could have been plucked straight from the pages of the late Robert Hughes? excoriating criticism of the hollowness and banality of modern art ? they deride the greater works of their aesthetic superiors with racially-charged gobbledygook. Quote:

?Race is lived through an aesthetic geometry of lines and angles that connect and disconnect bodies on a pre-conscious level,? Lewis asserts, adding that ?whiteness is a kind of one-dimensional way of being in the world.?

Summarizing another critical race scholar, Lewis adds that ?whiteness is a myopically destructive form of living that fundamentally denies the multiple dimensions of experience beyond, or in contradictions with, whiteness.? End of quote.


How long before they start throwing ?white art? on the pyre?

Oh, wait ? they already are.

Student protesters at UCT have removed and set alight “offensive art depicting white people”