Refugee advocates are lying. It was never about the kids

Caption: Scott Morrison at Christmas Island. The prime minister has called out “refugee” advocates for their deceit.

Some of the worst atrocities have been motivated by people who were utterly convinced of their own righteousness. From religious pogroms to the horrors of the gulags, the greatest enormities are perpetrated by people who ?do so with the approval of their own conscience?, as C. S. Lewis wrote. If their cause is, as they see it, noble enough, then all manner of horrific means are justified by their utopian ends.

‘Refugee advocates’ are typically self-righteous prigs who ?may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth?. With the justification of their open borders ideology, and utterly convinced of the righteousness of their ‘compassion’, these vicious zealots have been accused of encouraging and coaching illegal immigrants, in everything from lying to Australian authorities to self-harming, in order to game the refugee system. Greens senator Sarah ?Sea Patrol? Hanson-Young has been banned from detention centres. Quote:

Scott Morrison has warned that refugee advocates have turned to well-worn tactics ? including coaching, and the distribution of scripts ? as part of a wider campaign to ?game the system? and expedite the transfer of asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to Australia.

The Prime Minister, who travelled? to Christmas Island yester?day to tour the detention centre he reopened in response to the new medivac law, said refugee advocates were looking to use the same tactics they used to hasten refugees? transfer to mainland Australia during an unpreced?ented run of boats between 2008 and 2013. In that time, more than 50,000 people arrived on 820 boats and an estimated 1200 people? drowned.

?You will see the usual stuff, you will see the coaching, you will see the scripts, you will see all of these things. We have seen all of these things before when we were going through the assessments,? Mr Morrison said.

?They will know all the right things to say to actually trigger the process? they will have a game plan and they will play it out and what they?re seeking to do is end offshore processing. That was the goal, this was always the goal. End of quote.

Even The Guardian admitted that people-smugglers were coaching illegals to fabricate stories and destroy their documentation in order to force their way to a lifetime of free money and housing in Australia. The latest Big Lie from the phony ‘compassion’ brigade is that they?re only thinking of the children. Quote:

?It wasn?t about kids on Nauru. The kids are off Nauru. It wasn?t about getting people access to medical treatment. People are already? accessing medical treatment. This was always about shutting down regional processing.? End of quote.

Kids were only ever in detention because Labor and the Greens weakened our borders. The packed detention centres all occurred on their watch. The Coalition emptied them. But the open borders zealots are undeterred and up to their old tricks again, and openly coaching lying illegals ? including criminals, rapists and terrorists ? to game the system. Quote:

Last week, a coalition of refugee support organisations under the umbrella of the Medical Evacuation Response Group? publish?ed a five-step ?flowchart? on its website that explains to asylum?-seekers how the medical transfer process works?

The medivac bill, which was supported by Labor, the Greens and most of the crossbench, has left the government unable to block the transfer of refugees and ?asylum-seekers who are considered to be dangerous but are not ?subject to an adverse ASIO ?assessment and have not been sentenced to more than 12 months? imprisonment.

Of the 950 asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru, 57 have been accused of crimes includ?ing murder, child sexual assault, drug-trafficking and terror activity. End of quote.


The only reason they haven?t been subject to an adverse ASIO assessment is because they were never going to come here under the Coalition?s policies. Now that the left are throwing our borders open again, the authorities are rushing to assess what are turning out to be some very bad eggs festering on Manus and Nauru. Quote:

Boat people on Manus Island are sharing anti-Semitic images on social media and have even liked a picture of a Westerner being beheaded.

dailytelegraph. end quote.

Lefties letting third world trash and jihadis into Australia: what could possibly go wrong?