Returning jihadis will find a receptive audience in Australia

Caption: Just the sort of thing we need, for diversity’s sake. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

As Australia, like so much of the West, wrestles with the issue of what to do with its former citizens flooding out of the ratholes of the smashed caliphate, it?s worth pausing to consider not just the wisdom of admitting the head-choppers and sex-slave trading scum of Islamic State, but just what kind of environment they?ll be ensconced in. The Islamophile chattering classes of the legacy media and academia can witter all they like about the ?narrative power? of ?reformed extremists?, but it seems far more likely that they will be anything but ?reformed? ? and that they?ll find an eagerly receptive audience in the mosques of suburban Sydney.

A typical academic soft-soap job surveyed Australian Muslims in 2015. While it touted itself as a hand-wringing paean to how the poor widdle Muslims ?feel under siege?, anyone reading its results should be very alarmed indeed. Quote:

Three quarters of Australian Muslims think counter-terrorism policing and laws unfairly target their community?This has generated a community backlash. End of quote.

So, after all the dire warnings about an ?anti-Islamic backlash? that never happens, it turns out that the real backlash is Muslims turning on the country that has granted them asylum, freedom and welfare. Muslims are biting the hand that feeds them endless, unearned benefits, while blaming everyone else but themselves for the violence and mayhem their fellows are wreaking. Quote:

The “no true Muslim” belief runs very deep?[along with a] shocking ignorance and a strikingly one sided view of history. The present writer in a few words here is not going to throw any new light on the Israel and Palestine conflict, but it’s worth a few remarks on the big picture to counter a belief in a “history of occupation and invasion throughout the Middle East”, and the deaths of “millions” of Muslims caused by or at the hands of outsiders.

The Islamic world including the Middle East has governed itself since the mid-sixties, and the invasions, occupations, and Muslim deaths since then have been overwhelmingly the work of Muslims themselves.

For a minority of participants the “war on terror” arises from “manufactured events” being used by governments and powerful interests to discredit Islam and further justify the singling out of Muslim communities. These sentiments were particularly pronounced among young participants. End of quote.

Rather than admit the truth about violence in Middle Eastern Islamic shitholes, Muslims resort to absurd conspiracy theories. Especially involving Jews. An extremist cleric preaching that 9/11 wasn?t perpetrated by Muslims, recently spoke to packed-out mosques across Australia.

But the most alarming results are those concerning identity and allegiance. Contrary to the self-serving bullshit of the leftists who blither about Muslim refugees being ?100% Aussie?, many Muslims have little allegiance to Australia at all. Barely a third strongly agreed that they were proud to be Australian ? twice as many said the same about Islam. In fact, a clear majority saw themselves as Muslims first. Quote:

21% think terrorists sometimes have valid grievances, but more interesting is the 26% who think “the concept of Jihad in Islam supports use of violence as a means to an end” and the 25% who say Jihad is more than a “personal struggle for righteousness”.

This suggests a quarter or so of Muslim Australians believe the use of violence is justified in furthering the aims of Islam. So much for the “religion of peace” and the “no true Muslim” conceit. End of quote.

Indeed, despite the crawling apologias of politicians, many Muslims indeed feel that, in tackling terrorism, Australia is at war with Islam itself. Quote:

It seems however polite the police are it will not earn the support of these Muslims for Australia’s counter-terrorism laws and procedures?a substantial proportion of Australian Muslims out of ignorance of history, cultural baggage, and their religious beliefs, in their hearts or in their heads, don’t agree with them. End of quote.


Given all this, allowing a flood of terror-hardened, fanatical jihadists into Australia to proselytise and preach holy terror to an endlessly aggrieved Muslim community in our midst is frankly insane.