Road maggot wants cars to slow down

It seems that some road maggots aren?t satisfied with the cycle lanes they never use. Now one of them is demanding that we all slow down for them. Quote.

Quote:A man who was injured after he was knocked off his bike at a busy Auckland intersection has hit out at what called a culture of “maiming and killing” on New Zealand’s roads.

Speaking to the Herald after a full list of roads and streets which could see lower speed limits introduced was released by Auckland Council yesterday, Bruce Jarvis says he’s lucky to be alive following the Auckland Anniversary Day crash – and things could have turned out differently if the car had been going any faster.

Jarvis, who lives in Grey Lynn, was run over as he cycled through the intersection of Great North Rd and the State Highway 16 Northwestern Motorway off-ramp on the morning of January 28.

[?] The car was travelling under the 50km/h speed limit as the driver approached the intersection coming off SH16 and merged onto Great North Rd when she hit Jarvis.End of quote.

It was actually doing way under 50k if you look at the video in the link above. In fact under 30k from what I can tell. quote.

Quote:[?] It comes as Auckland Council yesterday revealed the names of hundreds of streets across the Super City which could have speeds cut from 50km/h to 30km/h, and others where the limit would drop to 60km/h, in an attempt to make the roads safer for the growing number of pedestrians, cyclists and residents.

The majority are in the central city, but others are further out – including those in Orewa, Torbay, Oratia and Pukekohe, Franklin and Rodney.

Jarvis said he was in favour of the lower speed limits as “it only takes a minute of inattention” to crash.

[?]?If you look at the amount of traffic now, and I’m talking all road users – people crossing roads, people on scooters, bicycles – there’s a lot more traffic on the road, so what was okay 30 years ago is not okay today.”End of quote.

Oh, so now cars are meant to slow down for cyclists, especially where it?s busy. How about we force all cyclists onto the footpath and make it so that they have to slow down for pedestrians? quote.

Quote:[?]?We seem to have, in this country, an attitude where it’s okay to maim and injure and kill people all for the sake of getting somewhere faster,” he said.End of quote.

You mean like the ?rape culture? we apparently have? quote.

Quote:?If it was an organisation which had that mortality rate or injury rate you’d be prosecuted for health and safety, but because it’s the road, we seem to accept that level of carnage and I don’t think it’s acceptable. We should say actually it should be zero acceptance.”

Today Auckland Transport chairman Lester Levy said lowering speeds was one of the quickest and most effective tools to reduce road trauma.

“Auckland is facing a road safety crisis and our top priority is to address this.” he said.End of quote.

As Whaleoil writer Lushington Brady pointed out, ?if you never knew things were this bad, they probably aren?t?. quote.

Quote:In 2017, 64 people died and 749 were seriously injured on Auckland’s roads.End of quote.

So there are the real stats. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people who used Auckland?s roads in 2017 only 64 died and fewer than a thousand were seriously injured.

Is this supposed to justify lower speed limits? quote.

Quote:Levy pointed to recent research by Monash University in Melbourne which showed a significant difference from being hit at 40km/h compared to 30/km/h, and said the World Health Organisation also recommends 30km/h when there’s a high residential population and high pedestrianisation.End of quote.

In Auckland we don?t have places of high residential population and high pedestrianisation, especially compared to other places in the world. quote.

Quote:[?] However, the AA is opposed to the proposed by-law, saying “a blanket 30km/h limit [in the central city] just doesn’t pass the credibility test”, and a drop to 40km/h would be sufficient.

The proposed bylaw will be put out for public consultation from Thursday until March 31 and could be in place by August.

A newspaper End of quote.

In other words we will let you have your say and then go ahead and lower the speed limits anyway.

The war on motorists continues.


[…] This week, Auckland Transport announced the lowering of speed limits in hundreds of city streets. By as much as 40 per cent.

Next time you are out driving at 50km/h, slow down to 30. It is best to try it when there is no one behind you. See what your reaction is. Now imagine this is the speed you are forced to drive at permanently on many roads. Because the bureaucrats at AT have determined it.