Saint Jacinda

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

I have thus far steered clear of politics on my Facebook page as it’s for keeping in touch with my family and friends. But I have been in a dilemma over the last few days, as more and more garbage gets posted, which I allow to pass unchallenged. The latest is a series of memes or excerpts that are praising Jacinda to the high heavens for her compassion and leadership. Cough. Sorry, I just had a little bit of sick in my mouth.

Here’re a few examples – hold onto your breakfast folks:

And here’s another:

See what I mean?

I for one won’t be nominating her for a sainthood.

The first speech she gave on Friday evening I thought was reasonably well written, and I was able to listen to her for the duration (a first for me), but it’s been downhill since then.

Hugging people and looking sad does not show leadership.

Knee jerk reactions like banning guns might make her popular with the majority, but it does not show leadership.

The prime minister of New Zealand covering her hair with a scarf does not show leadership. It shows our leader kowtowing to the demands of a minority religion.

It feels like we are in a huge void at the moment. There is uncertainty as we wonder what other freedoms law abiding citizens will be robbed of because of one murderous individual. Twitter and Facebook are cesspits of accusations and blame, with calls to shut down anyone considered to be on the ‘right’ and therefore racist. There are demands for hate speech laws, yet the same people calling for those laws are the most vicious and accusatory. I fear for where we are headed.

If we had a leader, there wouldn’t be a void.

Sorry Jacinda, no sainthood vote from me.