Sensible suggestions from Jami-Lee Ross


Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross knows what he is talking about when it comes to political donations, as part of his job was collecting donations for the National party. quote.

The National Party?s former cash collector is warning it?s far too easy for foreigners to buy political influence in New Zealand.
Jami-Lee Ross wants new rules around financial donations from foreigners to political parties.
His renewed call comes as the Government reverses its decision to censor an expert on China.
“When we were in government we were very open to donations being collected from anyone really as long as they complied with the rules,” […]

“It’s very easy for a foreign individual to influence a New Zealand political party.”

end quote

Currently the loophole is that foreigners can easily donate to political parties by setting up a New Zealand company and making the donation from the company.

By making only registered electors able to donate, we will be able to eliminate big corporate and Union donations in one fell swoop. It is a sensible suggestion that will prevent powerful countries like China from influencing both our main political parties and, at the same time, curbing Union influence over the Labour party.