Shady sheik & his ‘hate speech’ are welcome in NZ

Caption: The Sheikh demonstrates the Koranically-approved method of dealing with “transgressive women”.

In the aftermath of the Christchurch horror the Coalition of Losers and its leftist cheer-squads (the media particularly) rushed to exploit the tragedy with gleeful haste. Chief among their targets is free speech ? or ?hate speech? as they prefer to call it. But it seems that some hate speech is just A-OK with New Zealand?s hijab-wearing government. Quote:

One of Australia’s most senior Muslim clerics, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, was refused entry to New Zealand following the Christchurch massacre – but the ban was overturned following a complaint to the Australian government. End of quote.

You?ve got to love the way Stuff try and frame this as somehow the doing of the Australian government. Buried deep in the article is an admission that the matter was handled by bureaucrats, not the government. The implication that the ban was somehow related to the Christchurch massacre is also misleading: Alsuleiman was automatically banned because of a Danish ban.

But hey, anything to blacken the name of the Australian government and shift blame from the New Zealand government who actually made the decision to let this Islamic hate preacher in.

For New Zealand readers who may not be aware of the sheik?s shady past, he was in charge of youth events at the notorious Lakemba mosque when it held a special event for its junior jihadis: a live phone link with an al Qaeda recruiter ?described as the No. 1 terrorist threat to America?. Shady also told British Muslim schoolchildren, ?Give victory to Muslims in Afghanistan? Give victory to all the Mujahideen all over the world. Oh Allah, prepare us for the jihad?. Shady is also known for his rants about the ?evil actions? of homosexuality, and for promoting lashing for adulterers, and that transgressive women should be ?hung by the breasts in hell?. He even hates Peppa Pig, apparently for corrupting Muslim children.

None of that ultra-hatey hate speakin? seems to matter to Stuff, though: they?re out to hammer the real bad guys, the Australian government. Quote:

The revelation will raise questions about why the Sheikh was on a New Zealand no-fly list, particularly in light of accusations that Australian security agencies and their international partners are too focused on Islamic extremism compared to right-wing terrorism.

As president of the Australian National Imams Council, Sheikh Shady advises governments on key Islamic issues. End of quote.

Yep, just ignore the guy that hates gays, women and Peppa Pig, and cheer-leads for al Qaeda and jihad. In fact, ignore that, ?as president of the Australian National Imams Council?, Shady was actually elected by Australia?s Muslims to represent them. It seems that his views are indeed grassroots Islam in Australia. Quote:

A law introduced by Denmark in April last year banned certain preachers, including Sheikh Shady, from entering the country. Denmark also banned women wearing the burqa in public. End of quote.

Note the subtext, here: Denmark banned Shady, but Denmark also bans burqas. Denmark is apparently just a bunch of big ol? Islamophobes whose Islamophobic Islam-hatin? is to blame for poor, innocent Shady being mistakenly banned from New Zealand. Quote:

Immigration New Zealand confirmed Sheikh Shady was refused entry to the country due to a ban placed on him by Denmark last year.

“[INZ] can confirm that Mr Alsuleiman was advised that he was unable to travel to New Zealand visa free as a result of being excluded from Denmark,” said national border manager Stephanie Greathead.

“Because of the exclusion he required what’s known as a special direction enabling a visa to be granted. Taking into account all the circumstances Mr Alsuleiman has now been granted the special direction and a one month visitor visa.”

?Imams Council spokesman Bilal Rauf said any pressure on New Zealand from Australian officials came through the department and not Morrison or Immigration Minister David Coleman. End of quote.


So, finally Stuff give up the Australia-bashing and tacitly admit the truth: this Islamic hate-preacher was automatically refused a visa on account of the Danish ban, but as soon as the New Zealand government was made aware, they rushed to welcome Shady and his anti-gay, anti-woman, jihad-promoting hate speech.

Seems that hate speech is acceptable in New Zealand if you tick the right religious boxes.