She’s not the Messiah…

Caption: ?This is the way these people think? – Christopher Hitchens

I?ve already written about how one senior Australian journalist isn?t quite so blinded as most by St. Jacinda?s halo. Another has run a skeptical eye over her political track record and is less than impressed.

The Mocker ?amuses himself by calling out poseurs, sneering social commentators, and po-faced officials. He is deeply suspicious of those who seek increased regulation of speech and behaviour?. He finds plenty of fodder with Jacinda Ardern. Quote:

Those in the business of bestowing luvvie immunity will screech accusations of a News Corp conspiracy to discredit Ardern, but even the BBC has asked her some awkward questions about her government?s restrictive immigration policies in the context of a white supremacist?s murder of 50 New Zealand Muslims?highlight[ing] Deputy Prime Minister and Ardern?s Coalition partner Winston Peters? xenophobic remarks on ethnicity and race in respect to that portfolio. Could not this political rhetoric foster the kind of views that lead to something terrible. End of quote.

Ardern?s only defense is virtue-signalling on New Zealand?s miniscule refugee program. Quote:

As Tracy Watkins of New Zealand news website Stuff observed, this increased quota is not scheduled to take effect until 2020 and is ?little more than a gesture?. Ardern?s promise to double the country?s annual quota of refugees from 750 to 1500 is merely a transition from the piss-weak to the piddling, and per capita is significantly lower [one-third, precisely] than Australia?s intake?Remember that next time Ardern publicly admonishes Australia on our perceived moral failings regarding offshore detention. End of quote.

Ardern is adept at sleazy point-scoring: playing to the cheap seats by trying to cock snooks at Australia. Boasting that she was quicker to move on gun restrictions is a new low, which ignores the significant differences between our countries, including size and federal system of government. Quote:

Someone needs reminding this is not a competition between countries. Neither is it an occasion for self-praise or political posturing. When Ardern this week announced a royal commission into whether the massacre could have been prevented, she portrayed herself as the grim and resolute leader demanding accountability?However, New Zealanders are also entitled to ask Ardern and her government three questions. First, where was gun control on her list of priorities; second, why has it required a tragedy of this magnitude for her to finally act on it; and third, will the previous two questions be included in the commission?s term of reference? To put it bluntly, it has taken her nearly a year and a half to introduce legislation to ban so-called military-style semi-automatic (MSSA) weapons, despite the warning signs having been obvious since last century. End of quote.

New Zealand has witnessed several mass shootings in recent decades. Nothing was done, even when Labour was in government. Quote:

Radio New Zealand reported in response that then Labour shadow police spokesman Stuart Nash ?doesn?t believe that banning some weapons will prevent mass killings?. He is now Ardern?s police minister [?] Offering his parliamentary condolences following the Orlando nightclub shooting in Florida in 2016, New Zealand First party leader Winston Peters stated ?There are those who will take the politically correct view and blame it all on a lack of gun control. They are wrong. They have been misled.? End of quote.

Gun control has never been on Labour?s radar, despite previous mass shootings. Quote:

Labour?s election platform of 2017 contained no mention of firearms within its community safety policies. Neither was there any mention of them during Ardern?s lengthy speech at the opening of Parliament last month when she outlined her government?s priorities. End of quote.

Saint Jacinda?s priorities lay elsewhere. Why do something about guns when there were far deadlier threats to be countered? Quote:

Instead of banning the country?s estimated 13,500 military style semi-automatic weapons when she became Prime Minister, Ardern instead banned single use plastic bags.

End of quote.