Shock! Female politician rubbishes feminism

Caption: Celia Hammond, not a victim, not a feminist.

There are certain views that, to paraphrase George Orwell, one has to belong to the elite to believe. Being young and naive also helps. While Australian voters regularly nominate the economy, education and health as their top election priorities, the richest electorates in Australia sit in their mansions fretting about climate change and fake refugees. Unions enjoy political clout out of all proportion to their representation, totally dominating the Labor party at all levels, while less than one in five Australians is actually a unionist.

Feminism is another issue which preoccupies the elite, while almost everyone else votes with their feet. Just seven percent of Britons identify as feminists; Americans, not much more. Even amongst its most likely supporters – young, middle-class female university students – feminism is a minority cause. Yet feminism is the hegemonic ideology of the media-political elite. No self-respecting celebrity can remain within the pale of their overpaid, mush-brained peers without mouthing the approved feminist platitudes. Politicians are also forced to dutifully toe the feminist line. It also doesn?t hurt female politicians, who can hope to at least benefit from feminist quotas.

So when a female politician openly rubbishes feminism, it comes as quite the shock to the media-elite echo chamber. Quote:

The frontrunner to inherit Julie Bishop?s prized Liberal seat of Curtin?, former Notre Dame Univer?sity chief Celia Hammond, once refused to describe herself as a feminist because she claimed the movement had become ?pro-abortion, anti-men, anti-tradition and anti-family?. End of quote.

Well? tick. Tick. Tick. And tick. She?s right on all counts, I?d argue. Naturally, the political elite are horrified that someone is speaking plain truth to gynarchic hegemony. Quote:

Ms Hammond could not be reached for comment yesterday, but Liberal insiders said they hoped she had moderated her views in recent years given that Curtin, in Perth?s wealthy western suburbs, was not viewed as a ?socially conservative seat. End of quote.

The Liberals are spooked after being plagued in recent months by bitchy cliques of female politicians who refuse to accept their own mediocrity and choose instead to make loud and unsubstantiated claims of so-called ‘bullying’. A female politician who refuses to be a victim is anathema to useless quota hacks. Quote:

In the speech, Ms Hammond said she had never been disadvant?aged as a woman and had always been allowed to dream of having both a family and a career.

?I have never identified myself (as) or called myself a feminist,? she said, according to an audio recordin?g of the speech. ?During my formative years in the 1980s ? feminism to me was associated with man-hating, anti-everything agitators.

?Throughout my schooling in the 1970s and 1980s, I was never disadvantaged because of being ?female. There were no subjects refused? to me to study.

?During my formative years I could legitimately dream, and dream I did, about studying anything post-school and moving into a career in any field. I dreamed of having a family, having a career and having an ?everything? life.? End of quote.

Stating plainly what most ordinary people already know, Hammond says that feminism, while much needed in the past, has ultimately failed women. Quote:

In her 2013 speech, Ms Hammond? acknowledged she had benefited from an earlier generation of women that had fought for equal rights[, but] feminism had discouraged young women from aspiring to be stay-at-home mothers. ?One of the results of the militant feminist movement is to say you want to be a mother, to say you want to stay home, that you want to look after the house and raise the children, is not an acceptable life goal,? she said.

She also worried about the sexual? freedoms afforded to younger women??What they?re being sold is a pup.? End of quote.


You don?t have to fully subscribe to Hammond?s social conservatism to acknowledge that there is at least some truth to her argument. The legions of single, childless and deeply unhappy women in their forties are testament to that.