Shove yer meat tax, gimme a steak

Caption: What do you mean, he don’t eat no meat?!

The UN dreams of a world where there is all within the state and nothing outside the state. Not even what we eat.

The intrusiveness of the UN?s arrogant grab for unchallenged power grows every day. Not only is the UN assiduously white-anting the sovereignty of the world?s nations ? in violation of its own charter ? it is shoving its well-funded snout more and more into ordinary people?s daily lives. The globalist nanny-state doesn?t just want your children, it wants your steak as well.

One Aussie butcher isn?t having a bar of such nonsense. Quote:

David Torre is a fifth-generation butcher who ?pretty much? eats meat every day.

?I don?t feel like I?ve had dinner if there?s no meat ? I think I?ve missed out,? he says. End of quote.

If the meddlesome twits at the UN have their way, he’ll be missing out a lot. Quote:

Now the UN says humans must eat less meat for the sake of the environment.

The UN?s latest Global Environment Outlook report suggests taxes on meat could helping deliver a shift in habits. End of quote.

I?ll stop eating meat the day these globalist elites give up their non-stop Business Class globetrotting, as they dash from one luxury resort to another to lecture we hoi polloi on our wicked, planet-killing ways. Quote:

It says: ?Reducing overall meat consumption as well as providing alternatives to conventional livestock production (such as through plant-based meat alternatives) would substantially reduce the agricultural land-use footprint.?

Joyce Msuya, acting executive director of UN Environment, said: ?Do we continue on our current path, which will lead to a bleak ?future for humankind, or do we pivot to a more sustainable development pathway?? End of quote.

Put your money where your well-fed mouths are. Give up the luxury travel, the huge stipends, and never attend another summit unless you walked there from home, and maybe then I?ll consider eating mung beans and bugs.

Until then: Screw you, I?m sticking with meat. Quote:

Mr Torre says his philosophy with meat is ?quality over quantity?. He was shocked by a 2008 documentary Food Inc about the way food is produced on a massive scale in the US and the toll it takes on animals as well as workers. End of quote.


Oilers might not be able to taste-test Mr Torre?s ?quality over quantity? philosophy, but they can get restaurant quality meat home delivered from The Whale Meat Company. Unlike the muck the UN wants you to force down, the Whale Meat Company delivers real meat, not some plastic variety made in a lab.

Tell the globalists to shove their meat tax. Eat a steak today.