Shut up, woman, the trannies screech

Caption: This is what a real woman looks like, and all you ovary-having, XX-chromosome bearers just need to shut your mouths.

The contemporary left are not exactly notable for their intellectual consistency. At the same time as they bleat that religion is poison and that ?the patriarchy? is evil, they champion the most oppressive, patriarchal religion on the planet. But the left?s love for Islam pales besides its absolute infatuation with nutty ‘transgender’ ideology.

In its turn, transgenderism gives Islam a hard run for its money as the most virulently anti-women ideology to blight the modern world.

Where most of us respect that women have certain inalienable rights, transgenderism asserts that women don?t even have the right to womanhood. From motherhood to refuges, weirdo men in dresses are arrogating women’s right to be women. Sport is the most visible field where mentally-ill men are rudely shoving women aside. And God help any woman who has the temerity to object. Quote:

Former Olympian Sharron Davies MBE has been accused of ?fuelling hate? after saying that transgender women should not be allowed to compete in female sport. End of quote.

Technically, they?re right: but the hate being fuelled is the deranged misogyny of intolerant ‘trans’ activists. Quote:

The competitive swimmer, who won a swimming silver at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow and two Commonwealth golds, said that her comments were not transphobic and claimed she had spoken to many other female athletes who ?feel the same way??The 56-year-old?s comments were supported by many, including Olympic track winner Sally Gunnell, gold medallist boxer Nicola Adams OBE and gold middle distance athlete Dame Kelly Holmes. End of quote.

Yes, but they?re only the sort of women who are going to be stomped all over by hulking behemoths in eyeliner and frocks. They?re only (actual) women. Who cares what they think? Quote:

However, others criticised Davies, with some even calling for her to be stripped of her MBE??You don?t see trans women as women, you are also supporting transphobic hate groups. Heartbreaking.? End of quote.

The only ?hate groups? are the bullying ideologues who erupt in fits of screeching abuse and ‘outrage’ any time someone dares contradict their weird delusions. Of course she doesn?t see them as women: because they aren?t. They?re men. Men who only pretend to be women. Quote:

The debate comes just weeks after 18-time tennis Grand Slam singles champion Martina Navratilova said it was ?cheating? to allow transgender women to compete in female sporting competitions because they had unfair physical advantages.

?I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair,? Navratilova wrote in The Sunday Times. End of quote.


The more woman-hating tranny activists get their gigantic man-hands on the reins of power, the more obvious it is becoming that (real) women are going to be the losers. Quote:

Caption: I’ve seen navvies with daintier hands than those.

If we don?t recognise sex differences in law, then we cannot offer any legal protections on the basis of sex?If we do recognise sex differences in law but these track something other than biological sex, then the legal protections we can offer might be confused, weakened, or distorted?

Women?s groups across Britain, the US, Australia and New Zealand are organising in an attempt to thwart the introduction of sex self-identification.

They say that ?female? is not a subjective feeling, it?s a set of biological characteristics that a group of people shares, and which make a difference to how those people?s lives go. End of quote.


As Germaine Greer rightly said, I don?t believe a man who has lived for 40 years as a man and had children with a woman? but he then decides that the whole time he?s been a woman?

?Women are constantly being told that they are not satisfactory as women.?

Germaine Greer