Sleeping Midgets throw a party with all their friends

Caption: Are you scared now?

As I wrote recently, online activists ?Sleeping Giants? are really a tiny clique of screeching midgets. Like puffer fish, Sleeping Giants are small, prickly and full of poison, but their real weapon is using trickery to convince their enemies that they are much bigger than they really are.

In fact, puffing themselves up to try and intimidate others is their only weapon. Sleeping Giants bully and intimidate corporations into withdrawing advertising from non-compliant media companies by pretending that they represent a massive groundswell of ?grass-roots? opinion ? not just a miniscule clique of left-wing academics and elite watermelons. They thrive by lurking in the shadows of their cubicles and basements. Exposing themselves to the light would destroy their aura completely. Quote:

Sleeping Giants, the advertiser-attacking Twitter site, made a big mistake yesterday. In fact, that mistake might be the biggest thing about Sleeping Giants, now exposed as a tiny leftist rabble.

Their mistake? They decided to hold two public rallies against News Corp and Sky News. End of quote.

And what a massive turnout it was. Quote:

Andrew Bolt reports: I said Sleeping Giants, hounding advertisers to try to kill my Sky News show, was pretending to be vastly bigger on the Internet than they really were.

Today they finally stepped out into the daylight to run two monster protests against Sky and News Corp, with the help of GetUp! and the Greens.

What a fiasco. I hope advertisers were watching. End of quote.


In case you?re thinking that the first photo was carefully framed to make it look worse for the rally organisers, here?s a wide shot of the whole rally.

Caption: When your rally is almost outnumbered by media, it’s time to slink away in shame.

Keep in mind that this was a rally organised not just by Sleeping Giants Midgets themselves, but the Greens and GetUp ? who are also accused of inflating their ?membership? numbers.

Proving just how delusion these leftist bullies are, organiser Alex McKinnon actually thought it was a success. Quote:

?Getting underway now. Absolutely blown away by this turnout.? End of quote.

He?s probably surprised that he has even that many friends.