Snollygoster of the day

Definition – an unprincipled but shrewd person

Today’s snollygoster of the day is shrewd to make the announcement he did. The vigilante groups are already making lists of so called ‘hate groups’, and by removing the phrase “Sieg heil” as a greeting he may prevent his gang chapter from being the subject of a journalistic hit piece.

Make no mistake, in the current hysterical climate the media are looking for scapegoats and before they turn on everyone else they will go after the low hanging fruit of our New Zealand gangs.

They are going on a hate hunt and they want scalps!

The world’s biggest Mongrel Mob organisation, the Mongrel Mob Kingdom, has moved to sever its association with Nazi Germany.
In the wake of Friday’s mosque massacre in Christchurch, The organisation’s president, Paito Fatu, confirmed to Te Ao that it no longer uses the term sieg heil”. It has been the rallying cry of the gang for 50 years but Fatu says it’s time for another way.
Fatu says the kingdom has a new rallying cry: “I like our brothers and sisters to acknowledge each other by saying ‘Mongrel Mob’.”

[…] The Mongrel Mob adopted symbols that were associated with Nazi Germany in the early 1960s, drawing widespread condemnation. Fatu says that was the goal.

This story first appeared on M?ori Television’s website and has been republished on Stuff with permission.