Stop ambushing our children

Parents are being kept in the dark about the gender ideology which is infiltrating teaching practice and that includes a taxpayer-funded programme aimed directly at overturning children’s basic understanding of their own bodies.

Aimed at the captive audience of children during school hours, this programme of instruction is nothing less than the intellectual ambushing of children.

With information gleaned from OIA requests, ministry communications and interviews with ex-facilitators, New Conservative member Jared Luke has released two series of expos? articles.

The first series revealed the details of the taxpayer-funded ?Mates & Dates? programme, a ?healthy relationships programme for secondary school students.?

What Jared also uncovered however, is nothing less than a facilitated delivery of LGBTQIA+ ideology. And to further illuminate the growing opacity between government and parents, Jared was called by the ministry in a bid to prevent him from exposing his findings.

The second series, the ?Ministry of Sexualisation? is a look through the TKI/Ministry of Education guidelines, resources, directions and material that are being threaded throughout the school years to systematise gender ideology.

While ?Mates&Dates? is specifically pushed upon secondary schools, Jared also exposed the spread of this ideology to intermediate and primary education. For example, in Year One, (that’s five-year-old children), teachers are told to quote.

question gender stereotypes and norms. end quote.

MOE website

The definitions of gender and ?gender stereotypes? that they actually are teaching are not what the general public understands them to be. These have redefined meanings, which parents and society as a whole have not accepted as fact.

Whether six or sixteen, our children must be allowed to develop without the sustained and systematic intellectual indoctrination of gender/sexual ideology. Our children are our children; they are not the government’s children. New Conservative demands an end to the insertion of gender ideology throughout our education system’s syllabus.

Leave our children alone, and focus on education, not ideology.