Stop criticising socialism, warns leftist ‘fact-checker’

Caption: The Washington Post introduces its new, independent fact-checker.

‘Fact checking’ is almost always anything but. So-called ‘fact checkers’ ? invariably politically on the left ? have a standard modus operandi: misrepresent the source, ‘fact-check’ something completely different to what was actually said and conclude that anyone who deviates from the left-wing narrative is a big ol? lying liar.

‘Fact checkers’, from Politifact, to Snopes, to Australia?s own government-funded leftists at the ABC, have been caught with their own pants on fire repeatedly. But the prize for the ?most shameless liar? surely goes to the Washington Post?s Glenn Kessler. Now Kessler has exploded any pretense that he?s anything but a lefty shill, as he erupts in rage at people who criticise socialism. Quote:

The Washington Post?s ?Fact Checker? Glenn Kessler?determined that President Donald Trump is being too hard on the ideology, and warned conservatives to watch what they say about it. End of quote.

Ooh! What did those wicked conservatives say about precious socialism? The ? gasp! ? truth? Quote:

?The gist of their remarks was that the Democrats are pushing the same system that has proved ruinous for other nations.

Trump: ?Socialism is not about the environment, it?s not about justice, it is not about virtue. Socialism is about only one thing: It?s called power for the ruling class.?

Vice President Mike Pence: ?Under the guise of Medicare-for-all and a Green New Deal, Democrats are embracing the same, tired economic theories that have impoverished nations and have stifled the liberties of millions over the past century. That system is socialism.?

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow: ?I want you to put socialism on trial.?

Based on these comments, Kessler accused the Trump administration of equating left-wing Democrats with a variety of dictatorships, including the Third Reich (which, for the record, none of the officials mentioned on stage). End of quote.

Triggered by the mere suggestion that socialism might be anything other than a rainbow utopia of unicorns and lemonade fountains, Kessler launched into a ?not real socialism? tirade that would make even a BernieBro blush. Quote:

?President Trump and his allies apparently want Americans to believe there?s virtually little difference between the Nazis, the Soviet communists, the dictatorship of a crumbling Venezuela and the political organization linked to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.),? he said?In real life, Kessler said, socialism can be a good thing?

Even the United States has Medicare, he pointed out. End of quote.

Firstly, neither Trump nor his fellow Republicans said anything like that. But the fact remains that the Nazis, the Soviets, Venezuela and the Democratic Socialist were and are all socialists. Despite their divergence in other respects ? nationalism, internationalism or racism ? all are rooted in the same fundamental belief: the pre-eminence of the state and the collective over the rights of the individual. From that flow the monstrosities common to all.

Contrary to Kessler?s sophomoric nonsense, ?in real life? socialism has never turned out to be anything but a system that results in misery, deprivation, violence and, almost always, atrocity and mass-murder on a staggering scale.

The ‘fact-checker’ also repeats the standard inanity of ignorant socialists by claiming that social welfare is ?socialism?. This is kiddy-level stuff. Anyone who makes that claim ? or about roads, libraries, police or armies ? is either ignorant, lying or very, very stupid. Or all three.

Having ticked off the socialist trifecta, Kessler resorts to another leftist favourite: threatening anyone who might disagree with him. Quote:

Kessler..cautioned that he would ?keep an eye on this rhetoric as the 2020 campaign unfolds,? suggesting that those who step out of line could be slapped with dreaded ?Pinocchios.? End of quote.

No doubt he misses the good old days when his fellow socialists could march ?counter-revolutionaries? off to the gulag and the re-education camp. Or even better, just have them summarily executed.