Stupid statement of the week

When only the best and brightest will do, who should you hire? Bring out your colour charts and alphabets coz if you ain’t diverse you’re in trouble. That seems to be the thinking in a major New Zealand engineering company. Quote.

Last year, 70 percent of Tonkin and Taylor’s new engineering graduates identified as New Zealand European.

Engineering companies say they are struggling to hire M?ori and Pasifika graduates. 

The rest identified as Indian, Asian or ‘other European’.

The company said it was pushing for diversity, but struggled to find M?ori and Pasifika graduates to hire.

Tonkin and Taylor clients executive leader Simonne Eldridge said research showed the problem stemmed from primary school.

If a child was not engaged with science and maths by the end of primary school, they were unlikely to pursue a career in those disciplines, she said.

The company needed a diverse engineering workforce, in order to solve complex problems in the future, Ms Eldridge said.

End quote.

What absolute tosh!

The company needs the very best and brightest engineering workforce to solve complex problems in the future and ensure the company’s survival for the future.

Whether they are black, white, brown, coffee, yellow, male or female is entirely irrelevant.

‘Diversity’ never solved a differential equation; never explained quantum processes at the sub-atomic level; never predicted black holes before we actually found them; never found the Higgs Boson; never put satellites in space and never ensured that a bridge would not fail.

Brains, brilliance, hard work and persistence did that.