Subvert them when they are young

Cindymorph credit: SadButTrue & SonovaMin

Jacinda Ardern?s target audience is not grown ups, it is school children whose impressionable young minds are primed and ready for imprinting.

She makes no secret of this fact. Before she was elected, Ardern said she would eliminate child “poverdy?.  Since the election, she has shown an excessive interest in children, but their poverty rolls on and her promise has not been achieved. Ardern made the following comment on Instagram while she was on maternity leave last year. Quote.

“Even though this is the usual weekend bag of reading and papers, I never get tired of the sections dedicated the children’s letters that have arrived that week. Total highlight!” End of quote.

A newspaper

This works because teachers actively encourage students to write to the prime minister. Teachers are predominantly socialist and their job is to hype up the child?s expectation that Ardern, the most important person in the country, desperately wants to hear what they have to say.

She doesn?t. She just wants their trust. She wants them to believe she has their well being at heart and is listening to each and everyone one of them.

When the subversion process is complete, malleable targets will believe black is white when told to.

This is a subversion of the young, with the aim for these children to grow into adults unquestioningly accepting of authoritarian rule.

The liberal left is playing a long game. According to Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who defected to Canada in 1970, the first step of the subversion process is called demoralisation and it takes 15-20 years. He said in 1985 the Soviets successfully implemented the subversion process in Nicaragua, Grenada, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Whaleoil posted the 1985 interview with Bezmenov.

Bezmenov describes ideological subversion, otherwise known as brainwashing, as a four step process used to establish a Marxist/Leninist government in a target country. The four steps are: Quote.

1. Demoralize a nation (15-20 years): Expose your ideology to your nation?s ?soft heads?.  At the higher stage, the citizens of that country start brainwashing their own countrymen.

2. Destabilization (2-5 years):  does not care about your patterns.  Essentials are attacked ? Defense, Economy and Policy.

3. Crisis (6 weeks): bring a country to crisis in such a way that violent change happens, which is followed by the next stage.

4. Normalization (infinite period): This is ?tongue-in-cheek? and cynical.  Because Normalization means adherence of the enemy country to your own ideology.  The people who were instrumental in bringing the enemy country to this stage are ?lined up against the wall and shot dead?. End of quote.


What great progress Ardern has made on the first stage, the demoralisation process. Small children are writing to her concerned about the turtles dying because of pollution and plastic bags. How many New Zealand children have witnessed a live sea turtle, much less a dying one? It doesn?t matter because this scam doesn?t want the facts, it deals out hysteria instead.

Older kids are fixated on climate change, which they believe will destroy the planet. Kill me now, they might as well say, because the future looks grim and we aren?t doing anywhere near enough about it. Oh, except for our prime minister. She is doing something about it. She tells us that we best leave the solutions to the experts who know better as this is a complicated subject. And along comes big brother.  Goodbye to free thinking.

Where are the parents and teachers concerned that our children are being discouraged from thinking for themselves?  They have been silenced by the politically correct ‘death to free speech’ ogre.

Where are the media seeking actual facts for reliable, informative news reporting?

Oh that?s right, they got too big for their boots, ballooned up and morphed into vomitous news readers presenting parodies of the actual news. They should tuck their ?journalist? badges away until the day they are fit to wear them again – if and when they are no longer puppets in a subversive plot to destroy our heritage, culture and ultimately our freedom.