Suddenly the legacy media are interested in what “deplorables” think

Caption: The Mueller report is in and Trump is laughing last and loudest.

As the legacy media is slowly dragged, kicking and screaming into conceding that their unseemly two-year screaming tantrum about ?Russian collusion? is the lie that everyone knew it was all along, they are also waking up to the awful realisation that Trump is probably still going to be their president until 2024. Not only that, as their viewer numbers free-fall, they are also realising that endless screeching ?Orange Man Bad!? may not be the ratings winner they thought it was.

The legacy media have a lot of bridges to try and desperately repair. CNN is making a faltering start by trying to explain to their few remaining fans the previously unfathomable mystery of just why those awful ?deplorables? ? more than half of the country, now ? actually support their president. Quote:

Voters appreciate that the economy is currently experiencing near record-low peacetime unemployment, record-low minority unemployment, and virtual 3% annualized GDP growth. Interest and inflation rates remain low. Workers’ wages increased after years of stagnation?The current economic recovery and low consumer prices have uplifted millions of middle-class Americans who appreciate the upswing. End of quote.

Not only is the economy booming, voters are responding to a president who genuinely seems to care about the losers in globalisation?s two-speed economy. The media-political elite, squatting in their gated communities in the coastal cities have completely ignored ? and worse, consistently sneered at ? the Struggletowns in ?flyover country?. Quote:

Globalization enriched the two coasts, while America’s interior was hollowed out?Trump alone sensed that and appealed to constituencies that heretofore had been libeled by presidents and presidential candidates as “crazies,” “clingers,” “deplorables” and “irredeemables.” End of quote.

As a string of anecdotes about impromptu, unexpected kindnesses suggest, Trump the braggart tycoon is sometimes capable of extraordinary empathy with people utterly unlike him. Quote:

Trump can be uncouth and crass. But he has shown an empathy for the hollowed-out interior?millions of once traditional Democratic voters defected in 2016 to him — and may well again in 2020. Some polls counterintuitively suggest that Trump may well win more minority voters than prior Republican presidential candidates. End of quote.

Trump?s rallies are masterpieces of political theatre, a high-tech reinvention of old-fashioned ?whistle-stop? campaigning. Where ?progressives? gibber and work themselves into a stupor with idiotic ?Nuremberg? fantasies, supporters see a president who at least bothers to speak to them instead of sneering from behind a teleprompter. Quote:

Trump is a masterful impromptu speaker. Increasingly he can be self-deprecatory, and his performances are improving. Even his marathon rallies stay entertaining to about half the country?

Trump may come across as callous to some, but to others at least genuine. He does not modulate his accent to fit regional crowds, as did Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. He does not adopt particular outfits at state fairs or visit bowling allies to seek authenticity. Like him or not, his Queens accent, formal attire, odd tan, and wild hair remain the same wherever he goes and speaks. Voters respect that he is at least unadulterated in a way untrue of most politicians. End of quote.

?Liberals? are also appallingly historically ignorant. A mega-popular liberal Facebook page rails against detaining illegal immigrants while its banner image is the Democrat who jailed millions of Americans for no other reason than their ancestry.

Other ?liberal? Democrat heroes were little better. Kennedy turned the White House into a brothel. Truman openly threatened to beat up journalists. Johnson got into literal pissing contests with rivals. Clinton is credibly accused of serial rape and sexual harassment. Trump?s mean tweets pale into insignificance.

Voters also draw a telling contrast between Trump and his opponents: not just Democrats, but an often violently unhinged left, and media-celebrity elite. Quote:

Many supporters turned off by some of his antics are still far more appalled by an emerging radical neo-socialist Democratic agenda?Voters are angry over the sustained effort to remove or delegitimize a sitting president?in a way not seen in recent history?

Voters are developing a grudging respect for the 72-year-old, less-than-fit Trump who each day weathers unprecedented vitriol and yet does not give up. End of quote.