Sunrise’s bullying of Pauline Hanson backfires

Caption: Learn your place, woman.

David Koch is the embodiment of bourgeois smugness. The chrome-domed nong is a smarmy, middle-management demagogue somehow elevated from browbeating long-suffering colleagues around the water-cooler and inexplicably given a tv platform to hector the nation with his smug opinions. When he wants your opinion, he?ll give it to you.

Koch is notorious for his ?interviews? which invariably amount to little more than him shouting his own opinions for five minutes. Pauline Hanson is one of his favourite targets, but when he went on a spittle-flecked, finger-pointing orgy of shouting and swearing, in tandem with ex-Kiwi alcoholic hack Derryn Hinch, viewers were less than impressed. Quote:

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch has accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of ’empowering’ white supremacists in a fiery interview on Monday morning.

‘This terrorist manifesto almost reads like One Nation immigration and Muslim policy. Do you feel complicit with this atrocity?,’ Koch asked Hanson.

A fired up Koch then claimed terrorist attacks were carried out by right-wing white supremacists ‘egged on by your (Hanson’s) comments, by your anti-Muslim comments’. End of quote.

[redacted NZ censor] Not that he needs to, of course: he?s the type of opinionated creep who just knows he?s right without having to bother even checking. Quote:

A defiant Hanson hit back.

‘David, I feel for those people and I feel for those families who have lost lives. The same across the road here when we had the Lindt Cafe terrorist attacks.

‘We have problems but you’ve actually got to discuss it and debate the issue. Why we have these terrorist attacks in this country. Why is it happening around the world? Why is it happening in many places?’ End of quote.

Viewer were less than impressed with Koch and Hinch?s intolerant bullying. Quote:

Many viewers disagreed with Koch’s grilling.

‘I am disgusted with yourself and Sunrise. Regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with the views of Pauline Hanson, she was set up for an ambush this morning. Still the same old, boys club mentality in politics and television,’ one viewer tweeted.

Another added: ‘Turning off bias. Absolute disgrace. Nothing but an ambush on Pauline Hanson.’ End of quote.


A petition to sack Koch has garnered over 100 000 signatures in just two days. As happened when Koch similarly tried to browbeat Milo, the Sunrise Facebook page has been flooded with angry comments on every post since the interview.

Like the rest of the legacy media, Koch is too clueless to realise that he is actually helping his targets. Even people normally not sympathetic to One Nation are appalled. As seems likely to happen with Anning, a media pack-hunt will probably only serve to increase Hanson?s chances at the ballot box.