Taxpayer-funded academic weeps for jihadi molls

Caption: Just the sort of diversity we need.

It is absolutely clear that people in the West want to leave ISIS jihadis to rot in the shithole caliphate of their own creation. The same goes for their molls in the black sacks. Polling shows that Britons almost unanimously reject allowing jihadi brides like Shemima Begum back into their country.

Naturally, the legacy media ? especially its taxpayer-funded wing ? and their elitist cronies are campaigning vigorously for the supposed rights of people who blithely strolled past bins full of human heads every day, with their Yezidi slaves in tow. Australia?s SBS is a taxpayer-funded leftist cesspit, so of course they?re wringing their hands and weeping for the murderous slave-owners. Quote:

A no-exceptions rule that any Australian found aiding IS in Syria will not be granted re-entry to Australia is foolhardy for a few reasons.

Firstly, it risks fuelling rather than deterring future violence ? indeed, it could send Australians back into the arms of the terrorist movements they are trying to get away from.

Secondly, as I have written about previously, the most powerful counter-terrorism narratives may come straight from the mouths of those who want to come home after rejecting violent extremism. End of quote.

It?s much more likely that it will send a wave of battle-hardened terrorists straight back to the loving arms and receptive ears of the community that bred them. The only narrative we?ll get is the standard Muslim whining about how hard done by they were, and how everything is the fault of us wicked kuffars. The wishful thinking of this educated idiot bears witness, yet again, to Orwell?s observation that one has to belong to the ?intelligentsia? to believe such stupidity. Quote:

It is wrong to dismiss women who fled to Syria or Iraq to help establish a caliphate as merely ?IS brides?. This term suggests they were little more than ?IS fan girls?, while research shows that young women are largely drawn to this brand of violent extremism for the same complex reasons as young men: End of quote.

Yes, a deep-seated hatred of Western society and a desperate yearning to get in on the mayhem and murder they were watching on IS snuff videos on YouTube. Despite the lies of the legacy media and ?moderate? Muslim apologists, these vicious children weren?t ?dispossessed? or hard done by in the West. On the contrary, they had been showered with opportunities such as they would never have imagined in the Middle Eastern Islamic shitholes their parents crawled out of. They were actually attracted to the online brutality of Islamic State.

These were people who wanted to own slaves and behead people. Think about that.

Quote: The roles Australian women played at the height of IS?s efforts to establish a caliphate overwhelmingly focused on being social influencers who radicalised and recruited other women and men, often amplifying their reach and influence through social media.

They also served as enablers, providing both material and psychosocial support for terrorist activities including financial transfers, communications and information exchange, logistics and planning support, and maintaining domestic arrangements at home. End of quote.

So?this idiot wants us to bring back to Australia people who she admits assiduously radicalised and recruited for the most horrific regime of the 21st century; people who used their influence to foster more murderous Islamic fruitcakes.

Exactly why are our taxes paying for this dangerous stupidity?