The bumbling Jihadi feels ‘stabbed in the back’

No one can say he wasn’t warned. It was made clear to all aspiring Jihadis that if they went to fight for ISIS, they would not be allowed home. This applied not only in New Zealand, but also in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US, along, no doubt, with many other countries. Captured by the Lawrence of Arabia romance of fighting in the desert, however, a fair few went off anyway, only to find that life with ISIS was a bit different from a Peter O’Toole movie. Now ISIS has effectively been destroyed and the surviving western Jihadis all want to go home. Bad luck, guys. Nobody wants you. quote.

The 42-year-old, who burned his passport when he joined IS, said he had been expecting the government to “take me home” after he left IS and surrendered because there was “no point” in staying and fighting to the death.

After a protracted and bloody four-year battle, IS – also known as Isis or Daesh – has been reduced by US-led coalition fighters to a tiny patch of territory.
Taylor – who was labelled the “bumbling jihadi” after he revealed the location of IS forces by geotagged tweets, “seemed surprised” that help was not coming from home, according to Kiwi-born journalist Campbell MacDiarmid. end quote.

I don’t agree with Jacinda very often, but I approve of her stance on this. She clearly wants nothing to do with him, and has said that New Zealand is going to do nothing to help him while he is in Syria. If he makes his way to a country where we have an embassy, such as Turkey, he MAY be able to obtain a temporary travel document. Again, Jacinda is not exactly running to him with open arms, as Golriz would clearly love to do. quote.

“Gee, that’s pretty hard,” Taylor said. “The thing is, I thought New Zealand was going to give me a fair go,” he said. “I know New Zealand helped me before in Pakistan, by getting me out of Pakistan.” end quote.

So we’ve rescued him once, and he then went on to Syria and fought with ISIS, actively encouraging Kiwis and Australians to commit acts of terrorism back home. Yet he still thinks we should help him again? quote.

Last week, Ardern told reporters that “New Zealand has made it very clear that New Zealanders should not travel to Syria. Further, it is clear that it is unlawful to join and fight with a terrorist organisation as Mark Taylor has done.”

end quote.

What does he think of that?

He thinks his former home country has stabbed him in the back? He tore up his passport because he wanted to end his association with New Zealand. Wasn’t that stabbing New Zealand in the back? quote.

Taylor has been on the Government radar since at least 2011 and travelled to Syria in 2014. He said then he would remain in Syria until he achieved martyrdom. end quote.

I guess starving to death was not the kind of martyrdom he meant. I’m sure it could still be arranged, Mark. Have a quick chat with one or two of those Kurdish prison guards. quote.

In the latest interview, he showed no remorse for calling for ANZAC-day-linked attacks, nor for IS murders of western hostages – and continued to defend the idea of slavery.

Stuff end quote.

Apparently, his biggest regret is that he couldn’t afford a female slave. This man does not deserve a place in a civilised society, although he admits he wants to live in Indonesia, where, I guess, he can continue to cause mayhem. Mind you, there is the question of a lengthy jail term if he does ever make it back here… which, unfortunately, is reasonably likely.

I agree with Jacinda’s strong words on the subject. She clearly has no time for the man. Even worse, though, I came across this tweet yesterday.

Now I agree with Lizzie Marvelly as well. I need a lie down.