The Crusaders agonise over a name change while the Conquest of Constantinople is celebrated annually

The Conquest of Constantinople is celebrated annually in Istanbul.

What has the world come to? In little old New Zealand, a well-known sports team is agonising over how to best destroy its brand in order to virtue-signal, while every year the conquest of Constantinople is celebrated in Istanbul.

The Turks (including many Christians) have an annual parade to mark the anniversary of the Ottoman capture of Constantinople, with people on horseback, in chain mail, waving swords (not wooden ones) exactly as the Crusaders sports team do.

Crusaders pre-match entertainment involves mock swordsmen riding horses.

The crusades were not just against Muslim fighters either. They were also fought in the Baltic against the Vikings, for example.

The Crusaders will regret changing their name and, even though I am not a sports fan, I see it as yet another assault on our freedom here in New Zealand.

Where will this madness end? Why only pick on Christian symbols and history? Saudi Arabia’s national airline has crossed swords on the tail. Should they change it to avoid offending people?

It is not yet too late to stop this insanity. Once one sports team caves to this kind of virtue-signalling nonsense, all sports teams will be in the crosshairs, as will any businesses with similar names or historical references.

The Crusaders need to hold the line because by caving into pressure they release the floodgates on to us all.