The good the bad & the ugly

By Ellan Vannin

Drugs, the gift that the medical profession keep on giving our kids. The pill that they pop until they pop their brains, their reason and their sense of self. The pharmas pop the pills and the doctors get the pay cheque. Win win, except for the patients that pay the piper and get a one way ticket to hell.

The problem is that the Piper is actually the Ferryman on Styx River Crossing and it is a one way ticket to a hot and heavy living misery that can only be suppressed by more and more of the poison that is drug addiction.

I can tell you this because I have a grandson who is a recipient of this grandiose gift. Thanks doctors. Thanks pharmas.

Oh, I cannot pretend that he was dragged to the altar of addiction by a chain around his neck. No, he walked in with his eyes wide open because he was looking for a way to be normal. He was tired of being different.

A miracle drug to cure his Aspergers. A miracle drug to make him ?normal.?  He was prescribed Xanax and more Xanax until he became an abnormal, drug addicted, unpleasant and socially unacceptable human being.

From being a boy I loved and adored because of his point of difference and his quirky ways, he became a stranger and one who became a stranger even to himself.

When he was a little boy I asked him once ? if you could take a tablet and not have Aspergers, would you take it? He thought for a while and said “No, because I would not be me.”

This wee lad who aspired to be an archaeologist from Monday to Friday; a Palaeontologist on the weekends and a stand up comic at night turned into a junkie.

The last conversation I had with him was “get back to me when you’re 30 though I suspect you won?t be there to send the message.”

My grandson is a victim of a pharmaceutical money making manipulation of our youth and one that our government needs to look at very carefully.

The good is when drugs are used to treat pain. The bad is when they are used to make money. The ugly is the end result of seeing young people lose their lives for money, power and greed.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Like so many things in life today, the bad and the ugly reign supreme. The good is seen as bad and ugly.

He took the tablet to be ?normal? and became abnormal. How I wish he was still different.

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