The Green’s bill is an oxymoron

We should not be surprised that activist list MP and creative CV writer Golriz Ghahraman is behind a bill that is an oxymoron.

If I were unkind I would say that she provides the moron part of the bill but as I am actually a lovely person that you would be happy to take home to meet your mother I will decline to say such a thing.

You may remember the term oxymoron from your high school English class. To help refresh your memory here are some common examples of oxymorons.

  • It was an open secret.
  • It was a tragic comedy.
  • I watched the dark light creep into the room.
  • She was pretty ugly
  • I told her to act naturally
  • The cat was found missing at the cat lady’s house
  • He had ill health
  • It was a small crowd
  • I ordered the jumbo shrimp
  • That post was seriously funny
  • She was a big baby
  • He was passive aggressive
  • We felt alone together
  • There was a deafening silence
  • I was clearly confused
  • This is an original copy
  • I felt like the living dead

The Green’s Strengthening Democracy bill is a brilliant oxymoron as it: quote.

[…] basically gives the fingers to democracy […]
It’s disgraceful and everyone involved in this private members bill should be ashamed of themselves. end quote.


As Whaleoil reader R&BAvenger commented, we are currently living in an Orwellian World where:

  • War is Peace
  • Slavery is Freedom
  • Ignorance is Strength
  • And Gerrymandering Democracy is Strengthening Democracy

Golriz Ghahraman’s Green party bill is about undermining democracy not strengthening it.

Part of the bill gives prisoners the right to vote; Ghahraman and the Green party seem to think this is a fundamental human right even if the right to freedom has been taken away by the state. On the other hand they are attempting push through a proposal to change the entire democratic process in New Zealand without allowing the public to have a vote or any say on the matter at all.