The horrifying cost of ‘compassionate’ politics

Caption: The left trumpet their “compassion”, but the results of their virtue-signalling are horrific.

The open borders left love to blow their little trumpets and parade their self-assumed ?compassion? as their greatest political virtue. In a sense, this is natural: no one wants to believe that they?re the bad guys. Everyone believes that they are acting from the best of motives. But just asserting moral superiority is not enough; signalled virtues have to be measured against results. Even those doyens of the left, Marx and Engels, agreed that policies must be measured by their outcomes, not their intentions. Quote:

Migrants travelling to Europe are being raped and tortured including by forced incest and mutilation, a shocking new study has revealed. End of quote.

While the 21st century diaspora from the Global South is, to a limited extent, propelled by ?push factors? (war, for instance), its prime moving forces are ?pull factors?: most especially economic opportunity. When politicians and activists in the West signal that their borders are open to the world, this only serves to put more ?sugar on the table?, as one Indonesian politician called it.

With disastrous results. The lure of open borders led to more than a thousand drownings off the Australian coast. Angela Merkel?s unilateral decision to throw open Europe?s borders was even more catastrophic. As millions have sought to seize the opportunity of easy welfare and opportunity in Europe, the jackals have pounced. Quote:

Routine rape and sexual torture throughout their journey to Europe threatens many migrants, especially in Libya, with men facing abuse nearly as regularly as women. End of quote.

Another outbreak of globalist ?compassion?, the UN?s ?responsibility to protect? doctrine, lead directly to Libya becoming, for all intents and purposes, a failed state. But as it is the gateway to the Mediterranean passage to Europe, Libya?s predators are also guaranteed a steady stream of fresh meat for its open slave markets ? and worse. Quote:

Smugglers torture migrants and film the attacks on Skype to extract ransom money from their families, according to the study carried out by the Women?s Refugee Commission.

One mental health worker described graves filled with men with their penises sliced off ? a description corroborated by the account of a survivor of a mass mutilation.

Migrants told similarly horrific stories about rape, forced incest and mass sexual abuse intended to humiliate detainees who had to strip naked and become either rapists themselves or victims.

Men and women are forced to rape others, penises are cut off, boys have to rape their sisters and women are abused and raped until they bleed to death, the report said?Sarah Chynoweth, the study?s lead researcher told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle: ?On their journey through the desert, many refugees are kidnapped by human traffickers and armed groups or taken to official prisons.

?If a man tries to escape, all other men are forced to rape him. People are regularly punished, forced into submission and controlled.? End of quote.

Having created this catastrophe of ?compassion?, the open borders mob simply wash their hands of its results. European leaders and open borders activists were warned from the outset that Merkel?s folly would create a humanitarian disaster. Yet they ignored urgent warnings to secure Europe?s borders and shut down the Mediterranean people-smuggling routes.

Now, the same people who not only ignored the warnings but shouted down the Cassandras as ?bigots? and ?racists? are walking away from the horrific consequences of their phony ?compassion?. Quote:

It comes as Europe has blocked rescues at sea and outsourced its migration policy to Libya?s coast guard instead?

?The minute people are stopped at sea, Europeans wash their hands of it,? said Hassiba Hadj-Sahraoui, the humanitarian affairs adviser for Doctors Without Borders, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres. End of quote.

If Labor get their hands on power again in Australia, we?ll see the same disastrously idiotic self-righteousness play out all over again.