The kings of the New World Order play their games as usual

Caption: The World Powers play their Great Game.

In the 19th century, global politics was characterised as the ?Great Game? of the imperial powers. Open imperialism is no longer so fashionable today, but the great powers of the soft imperialism of the New World Order still view themselves as the global chess-masters. Quote:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker joined French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping for talks in Paris on Tuesday.

The French government billed the encounter, on the third and last day of Xi’s state visit, as a “high-level meeting on the challenges of multilateralism.” End of quote.

Early in the 20th century, Japan?s foreign minister complained that, having taught Japan the rules of imperial poker, the European powers switched to contract bridge. Macron may choose to call it ?multilateralism?, but the great game of contract bridge goes on. Quote:

A prosperous Europe corresponded with China’s “vision for a multipolar world,” Xi said, adding that the EU and China were “advancing together” despite “suspicions.”

All the leaders stressed the need for cooperation between the EU and China at a press conference following the talks, with Macron thanking the Chinese president for his continuing support to counter climate change.

The four leaders mentioned the need to reform the World Trade Organization, to make it more responsive.

Merkel said the EU “wants to have a role in the Silk Road initiative,” despite there being few details at present. She was referring to the Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to link China by sea and land with Southeast and Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, through an infrastructure network along the lines of the old Silk Road?Juncker said the EU and China can do great things together, but they should do so in a cooperative way. He acknowledged that the EU and China were competitors and rivals, but that “competition among us is a good thing.” End of quote.

One thing that binds these would-be emperors, aside from their aloof elitism, is their absolute disdain for the sovereignty of nations. China talks a good game about ?respecting sovereignty?, but what it really amounts to is that China wields its own sovereignty over a handful of man-made islands as a weapon to turn the Pacific into a Chinese lake, at the same time that it uses rivers of cash to turn half the world into its client states. The EU on the other hand, simply rides roughshod over the sovereignty of its members.

The partners may change, but the Kings of the New World Order?s empires ? like the EU and China ? still treat their subjects as just so many matches to be doled out at their will, and national sovereignty as an irritating impediment to their world-spanning greed.