The marijuana switcheroo

Someone should arrange for Chloe Swarbrick to meet with Ben Cort.

Cort hails from Colorado, where cannabis is legal, and he was on the AM show to tell us why we shouldn?t go down the ‘let’s legalise marijuana’ path.

Cort should know because he is part of the Colorado experience. He went from being a heavy drug user and addict, to become part of the lobby group that legalised marijuana, to sharing in the lucrative supply industry. He now provides addiction treatment services – maybe he saw a spin-off business opportunity? More likely, he is just very familiar with just how addictive cannabis is.

He says the motivation behind Colorado?s law change to legalise cannabis was money.

A few business people saw a lucrative business opportunity and put up the funding necessary to lobby government for the law change. They achieved it and set up a very lucrative legal commercial marijuana industry.

Here in little ol? New Zealand it seems no funding is required to lobby for legalisation; the Greens are doing it for free. Or are they?

Swarbrick appeared on the AM show pushing for cannabis to be legalised and made a big deal out of saying that the government would control the sale of legal cannabis and would also control the THC content of legal sales. Surprise, surprise. Perhaps one of the Greens has a business head on her, knowing there is a lot of money to be made.

The product that is sold commercially in Colorado is not what you might grow in your own backyard.

Gone are the hippie days of marijuana being harvested, dried, packaged and sold in pretty much its natural state. These days the product is infused with chemicals that create more THC, making it much more addictive. It is a lucrative business practice.

Cort calls this process ‘the switcheroo’ because the product is altered at a sub-molecular level to heavily increase its addictive properties.

Naturally marijuana has 2-3% THC content but the commercial products sold in Colorado contain 90-plus% THC.

?It [marijuana] has fundamentally changed, and that genie can?t go back in the bottle.?

Ben Cort on the AM Show

The distillation process required to extract THC produces a product that can be infused into almost anything ? water, cookies, gummy bears?

Cort regrets Colorado?s decision to legalise cannabis and his advice to us is this: a smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes.